Define your Strategy

a. Know your Hotels story

Was is it that the walls can tell your customers?

Be authentic, be unique, be personal and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. When your Facebook network start know, like and trust you then they will share, like and comment in your Facebook Timeline.

b. Know your Social Targeted market segment

Go beyond the Like and learn a little more about your followers.

How do they want to connect with your Hotel. Is there more to it then just Like? If you have 375 Likes and just 1 of them ever made a reservation with your Hotel what is the rest of the 374 Likes worth to you?

What are their wants and, and which content will squeeze the juice?

c. Know your Social Goals

Social Media Marketing equals Relationship Marketing. So the first question you need to ask is what type of relationship you want with the people that connect with your Facebook Fan Page.

Telling a story, being part of a dream and creating lasting memories is all great bedtime moments. But what is the real outcome you are looking to achieve? Awareness of an event? fund raisers? bookings? creating leads? fun?

Ask these questions when you start develop your Posting Strategy. Keep the stories dynamic, and the people behind the Likes will return for more.

Build your Timeline

The Facebook Timeline comes with a lot of great feature that provide your Hotel with some unique tools to amplify the customer experience.

a. Cover photo

The proper dimensions of the cover photo is 851×315 pixels. Don’t be afraid to be creative when you showcase your brand here. Be aware of that you can’t use any call to action, pricing info, contact info or reference to Facebook features in the cover photo.

One tip here is think of your Hotel Timeline as a dynamic calendar. Where you can change your cover image to represent specific Hotel values for the month we are in.

b. Profile picture

Dimensions here is 180×180 pixels. A great Hotel brand logo is recommended here since this is the image that will be picked up per default by ads or sponsored stories you run.

c. Organize apps

Dimension of the app icons are 111×74 pixels. You have up to 12 different apps. The Photo app comes first per default. But rest of the apps you can rearrange. The first 4 apps should be the apps you want to bring your customers attention to.

Create apps that is in line with your monthly theme.

d. Highlight – Pin or Hide

You now have the option to highlight a story in your timeline.

Be strategic with the stories you highlight.

You can also pin a story to the top of your timeline.

When you have done this the story you selected will have a bookmark attached to it. You can pin a story for up to 7 days. You can pin a story related to your monthly theme, or a specific upcoming event. Mothers day is soon coming up, and many Hotels have special deals related to this day (hint hint…)

You can also hide stories in your timeline.

e. Customer Service

Facebook Fan pages now has the ability to communicate in depth with customer that look for more specific information, or to resolve a concern. This can be done by enabling your Message button.

f. Milestones

Your Hotels dedicated Facebook Fan Page admins can add specific milestones for the Hotel. This can be specific accomplishments, historic facts or specific event info.

Dimensions of Milestone images is 843×403 pixels. Be creative and share some fun facts with your Facebook network.

Develop your Facebook Posting Plan

Great stories will spark engagement, and you will start experience more Likes, Shares and comments.

a. Find your unique voice

This is all about Serve Your Guests. Be conversational, honest and authentic. Experience has shown that people are more likely to engage with brands this way. Images and open-ended questions is good engagement starters.

Contests are also good engagement starters, and they are a great way to capture leads. The biggest #fail we experience with contests is brands that don’t follow up after they captured the lead.

When you follow up don’t bombard the leads with commercial materials. But thank them for their participation, and invite them back to your Timeline.

b. Conversation Starters

You can use the Question dialog box to ask questions or run a mini survey. This is a great way to get direct feedback from your customers.

Follow up with posts that showcase how the results affected actions taken at your Hotel.

c. Develop the ultimate experience channel

Use your Timeline to share videos, picture, events, contests, campaigns, stories and milestones.

And most important always take time to say Thank You to your network.

We are celebrating our #10000 Likes. Thanks John Doe for your support and taking the time to visit our Fan Page. As a token of our appreciation you will receive a certificate valid until 05/01/20xx for 2 nights at our Hotel.

d. Be a little exclusive

Don’t be afraid to post information that your customers won’t find anywhere else. You can here also give your customer a backstage pass. Take them to the kitchen and show how you prepare meals for a upcoming wedding, or if you are renovating then showcase the progress.

Check in and enjoy my hospitality at Hotel Marketing & Social Media Strategies

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