Place your Hotel brand where business happens today

Over 100 million professionals following more than 1.9 million companies, recommending over 150,000 products and joining 850,000+ groups.

LinkedIn connects you with the right audience. Your audience.

LinkedIn offers hundreds of ways to target your message to the right person at the right time.

Benefit from the buzz about your products and services

Engage your company followers and build your showcase of network-aware, professional recommendations.

A survey done by Business Marketing Association members showed that out of 89% of companies using Social Media, 49% believed LinkedIn provided the best ROI followed by Twitter and Facebook.

Another survey performed by Performics nearly 60% of active Social Networkers says LinkedIn is most important Social Network.

Hotel LinkedIn Marketing Principles

Focus on marketing strategies that provides the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

The basic of Social Media Marketing Techniques build on the same principles as old-fashion Hotel Marketing.

Perform SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is the strategic planning techniques used to analyze your Hotel Market Segments;

  • Strength
    1. Penetration or market reach
    2. Active network or group members who are willing to become champion advocates
    3. Resources in terms of time and manpower, your team is able to provide proper and timely responses
    4. Connection with senior management level
  • Weakness
    1. Trouble scaling or maintaining a social media campaign
    2. Lack of tools or resources to track and monitor social media campaign results
    3. No effective social media presence or campaign, meaning goals are not being met
    4. Tough to train or convince management team on social media principles
  • Opportunity
    1. Creating and joining Company Pages, Personal Profiles, Answers and Group
    2. New target or niche market segments that are untapped
    3. Promote Products and Services
    4. Partnerships
    5. Access to new geographical markets
  • Threat
    1. Macro factors such as economy, will this affect your user base or your marketing strategies?
    2. Competitor is going after the same space or same audience with similar strategies
    3. Is the current strategy sustainable, can it continue?
    4. What roadblocks stand in the way of success and failure?

Initiate SMART Goals

SMART Goals are short-term, achievable goals that positively impact your Hotel Team members performance.

  • Spesific – goals are focused on concrete behavior or performance areas
  • Measurable – you can determine how close you are to achieve your goal at any point
  • Attainable – goals are realistic – you can achieve them
  • Relevant – goals are central to your Hotel team members work and well-being
  • Trackable – goals have a completion deadline

Example: We want to improve our ROE (return of engagement) with 25% by xx/xx/20xx.

Improve your SMO (Social Media Optimization)

You want to attract unique and highly qualified vistors to your Company Page.

Here are some simple LinkedIn marketing principles that will improve your Hotel SMO;

  • Create shareable content
  • Make sharing easy
  • Reward engagement
  • Proactively share content
  • Encourage the mashup

How could your Hotel benefit from implementing these basic LinkedIn Marketing Strategies?