Google+ Reputation Management for Hotels

Why should Hotels pay attention to Google+ Reputation Management?

Face it, business travelers today is among the most avid users of Social Media. Professional business travelers today is showing of their story telling skills in various ways.

And one of the most common exchanges they provide with their networks is through reviews. Travelers in general consider them a trusted and reliable source, and a large number of them make booking decision based on their advices.

eMarketer pointed out a survey done by TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer that 40% of travelers looked to Google+ to research and plan their trip.


In addition, 22% of respondents to Tripadvisor’s survey said they found Google+ the most helpful Social Network for travel planning.

Travelers is seeking information on Google+ in various ways. And I will here show you some of the benefits for your Hotel to take part of a growing market segment.

Google+ Reputation Management Goals

Reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand, addressing contents which are damaging to it, and using customer feedback to get feedback or early warning signals to reputation concerns.

And the principle of reputation management is to bridge the gap of how your brand perceive itself and how customers view it.

Tactics that will apply to your Hotels Google+ Reputation Management Strategy;

  • Increased Customer Experience
  • Manage and measure effect of Google+ Places for Business Reviews / Google Local Reviews
  • Optimize your Social Network presence
  • Dedicated response channels
  • Embrace you loyal fans

And you should ask three questions in relationship with these tactics;
1. Who is the targeted market segment for Google+?
2. What are customers looking for?
3. How are your delivering the information to meet your customers’ needs and wants?

The most important aspect of your Google+ Reputation Management strategy is for your Hotel to take control of it so other’s do it for you.

Google+ Reviews

Google provide some tips on How to write great reviews. To respond you have to sign into your Google Places for Business account. And then click on See your listing on Google Maps. And here I will advise you to mirror the same process as laid out in how to write great reviews.

Reviews on Google+ is the engagement portal.

Familiarize yourself with how you flag inappropriate reviews.

Google+ also requires customers that provides a review to have a Google Account, there will no longer be any anonymous reviews. Old reviews that shows A Google User or A Zagat User will still be there, but Google has closed this option.

When a Google+ user provide a review not only are the user sharing the review with everyone that visit the Hotels Google Places for Business, but the review is shared with their Google+ Network (some prefer to share just with their trusted Circles still this is very powerful).

Customer Reviews

a. Positioning

One of the benefits with Google Places for Business is the ability to position your Hotel for reviews. There are several sections that let your Hotel stand out, and you can easily point out valuable reference points. My friends at dana hotel and spa is great example how your Hotel can utilize reference points that will add value to the Customer Experience.

dana hotel and spa

b. Rating

Google has now put in place their 5 Star rating for Google Places for Business and Google Local.

Google 5 Star Rating
Previous Ratings5 Star Rating
Poor – Fair
Very Good

The review rating for dana hotel and spa is also reflects a good positioning, and customers will then continue to share their experience with other fellow Google+ Networkers.

Star rating

In addition to the rating and reviews Google+ have a section with reviews from around the web. It is very easy for the Customer to take action and write a review for the Hotel. And in addition Google+ suggest similar places to your Hotel.


Why should Hotels pay attention to Google+?

Google carousel

Google has as part of their updated SERP integrated a carousel when customers search for hotels in a specific city. There is several factors in place that determine which Hotels that shows in the carousel. And the ratings showing at the moment is based on Zagat ratings pulled from Google Local and Google Maps. At the moment the various ratings can be a little confusing, but Google will roll out 5 Star rating to create a unanimous experience.

A recent study showed that Google Carousel win 48% of the searches while 14, 5% of searches where on Google Maps.

If the Hotel has the Google+ branding in place, and have claimed the business listing there is a larger chance of appearing in the carousel. In addition your Hotel will have a great appearance in Google Search based on data from Google+. If the customer select one of the options from the carousel this is some of data that Google will show;

Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

Google also have a Google+ Local app that allow customer to give a review of your Hotel.

Google+ Local App

Where can your Hotel learn more about Google+ Reputation Management?

I have put in place a dedicated Hotels Collaboration Project Circle and a Hotel Social Media and Collaboration Community is where I will assist you with Google+ Reputation Management strategies

Hotel Social Media & Collaboration

Are your Hotel on Google Plus? Then let us know in the comments here.

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