Why are so many people fascinated by Twitter?

Twitter is where ‘Simplicity meets Serendipity’.

The community provides an abundance of quality information if you start build quality relationships.

And it is a really awesome Social Network that I highly recommend that you start use as part of your Hotels Social Media Strategy. 
Creating a Social Media Experience for your guests is the new trend.

Start add some fun, and provide a new innovative way to reach your customers.

 What can Twitter do for my Hotel?

As a Hotel, you can quickly share information, gather market intelligence and insights, and build relationships with people who care about your Hotel.

Your Hotel can now develop and enhanced branding profile page that will make your Hotel look really sharp. This will help create lasting relationships with your customers.

Use this unique Social Network as your new Hotel Servant tool – Serve Your Guest!

Here is a great example from my friends @Kimpton – (Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants)

Is Twitter right for my Hotel?

You have a product – you provide service – and you want to reach a targeted market segment.

With over 400 Million monthly unique users it is fair to say that you will find a portion of your Hotels market segment hanging out here.

Ok I get the point. But;

  • it take to much time
  • where is the ROI
  • what if employees share unwanted info
  • customer start talk negative about the Hotel
  • what if it don’t work

It is important that all concerns comes up to the surface. These need to be addressed, and then apply Social Media Strategies that provide proper solutions to these concerns.

This is a live and interactive place where you find some of the most influential online consumers. People look to them for product, business, and service recommendations. Online influence converts to real world action.

The conversations that take place will fuel discussions everywhere, from blogs and forums to product reviews and personal recommendations which influence all users.

  • 72% of daily Twitter users publish blog posts at least monthly
  • 48% of Twitter users share deals and coupons online Twitter Follows
  • 61% Write at least one product review a month of Twitter users follow businesses to find special deals, promotions, or sales

(*comScore, Inc)

How my Hotel will Rock on Twitter!

  • Listen – Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products
  • Reward – Tweet about special offers, discounts, or a daily deal
  • Serve Your Guests – Respond to compliments and feedback
  • Engage – Share photos and behind-the-scenes info about your Hotel
  • Show some personality – Tell the world what you like and why
  • Increase loyalty – Retweet and reply to great tweets
  • Ask Start ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights

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