If you can answer these questions in less then 5 minutes then stop reading; “You are the Hotel Twitter Zen Master!”

What is it that keep Hotel Decision Makers awake during the night?

And Twitter is not the answer. What most Hotel Decision makers look at is outcomes. Occupancy and Revenue are metrics that will keep them awake during the night.

Twitter when used effective is a tool that can make an impact of the outcome.

We already know that Hotel Reviews is an important component in the customers decision making.

Research from Comscore shows that as much 61% of Twitter users write at least one product review a month. (*These numbers represent a variety of reviews)

About 41% of leisure travelers and 50% of business travelers say user reviews influence their travel decisions according to Comscore.

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Here is one example:

And the link goes to the users blog, where you get an more detailed review of the Hotel.

As a result of this we now are starting to see more Hotels pay more attention to the value of Social Reviews. We have started to see Hotels aggregate reviews provided on Social Networks like Twitter to their website.

Zen tip #1 Start Listening to mastering Twitter. The right content converts people into customers, and turns customers into advocates.

How do Hotels measure the effect of Twitter Marketing?

To measure the effect of your Hotels Twitter Marketing you need a backstage pass to your Followers, Tweets, Retweets, DMs and Lists.

  • Exposure – how many followers and visits to your website from your network, how many Lists are your Hotel added to, press for your #hotelcampaign
  • Influence – how many mentions and @replies
  • Engagement – how many retweets, DMs, @replies & mentions, participation with your #hotelcampaign and clicks on your links
  • Conversion – Lead generation forms, Webinars and Follow Ups
  • Outcome – Direct booking

Some great tools to measure the effect of Twitter Marketing is:

Google Analytics
Social Mention

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Zen Tip #2 – Measure to understand why people share things on Twitter. People tend to share positive Tweets that solve a problem, answer a question, entertain or inspire. The most retweeted content tends to contain links, photos, videos or quotes. When you Tweet something interesting, it has the potential to travel to many prospective customers.

How can Hotels prospect with Twitter?

With this question I will allow myself to be a little bold and blunt. So many Hotel Decision makers starts with aiming for the prize without taking the time to prepare and learn what it takes to win the prize.

I also understand when it comes to the end of the day what keep most Hotels in business is occupancy and revenue. And I am here to help you achieve this goal.

But if you want to win the prize you have to;

  • prepare for the race – Test
  • engage in the race – Optimize
  • learn your status in the race – Measure
  • make adjustments/change – Analyze
  • Rinse/Repeat

If you want to generate and nurture your leads you also have to:
a. Target your market segment
b. Share quality information
c. Follow your market segment
d. Listen and track your market segments activity
e. Engage with your network
f. Add links to your conversation channels
g. Follow up and nurture you leads
h. Ask champion advocates to help monitor your Twitter #chat
i. Reward your champion advocates
j. Make yourself available & receivable
k. Enjoy the prize
l. Make them feel special and welcome them back

#Zen Tip 3: Preparations is needed to develop a proper Strategy for your Hotel. Your goal is to serve your guests, and remember today your customers is no more then one tweet away.

The Roman philosopher Seneca had a great point when he said “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. And this is how you win the prize.

Now how are you spending the next 5 minutes?

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