How can you create a Image Shift?

Imperfect refers to incomplete responses. I previously talked about How To Provide Proper Social Media Response.

To create a Image Shift we need to learn from our past, plan for the future and be in the present.

It’s all about Humility

Be humble, be honest and truthful.

We all screw up sometimes and do things is a bit out of our character. This happens both in our business and personal life.

It is time we start getting or Shit together. My friend Sarah Robinson gathered together bunch of great people for a online series that really took me by surprise. Her 28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together was the trigger I needed to start deal with my Sh*t list.

I came here to USA in 1999 due to that my crazy bones and heart had fallen in love. For 2 years I could not be working waiting for my temporary work permit, so I was fooling around on the net. In 2001 I finally got my green-card. But with a BA in Public Administration from Norway getting a job was harder then anticipated.

So in 2001 I started my first online business. This was the era of MLM, Matrix, Paid to read/surf etc. I ended up as one of the top recruiters for a Matrixs. Just to learn that is was a scam, and I lost all my investments. This got me a little discouraged. So I tried something different.

In 2004 I started out working in reservations for the Intercontinental Hotels Group. And I started to learn about Hotels. Later the same year I got a job for InnPlace Charleston Airport Hotel (*former Sheraton North Charleston).

I found myself being in love with my job and learned fast that I had a real passion for hospitality. And I learned that my strongest asset was my accent. So whenever I had the opportunity I would share stories with our guests.

I used this time to ask my hotel mentors on what they had done to get themselves in the position they was in. I wanted to learn more. So I was advancing within the Hotel. I found myself as a Hotel Night Manager and MOD.

In 2007 me and my wife decided we wanted to move to South Florida due a job opportunity for my wife. I learned that the bars for Hotel Skills was higher in South Florida for management positions. So I ended up with a Front Desk Supervisor position at Sheraton Yankee Clipper.

I learned that I had not prepared and planned very well for taking a step back on my career ladder. This did not turn out as I hoped. I found myself getting of focus, and not completing my tasks the way I knew I was capable of doing. Later in 2007 my mother called me that my father had been in an accident, and he was not doing to good. This gave me the key to leave a job where I was in the process of destroying my own reputation.

I went back to Norway in 2007, me and my wife took a break and later in 2007 my father passed away.

In the aftermath of my dads death I started to really think what I really wanted with my life. And I knew deep inside me that my passion still was leading me back to Hotels. So I started to get my self certified in Hospitality Management with eCornell.

In August 2008 I got back to my wife again. And we had now moved to Tupelo, Mississippi.

I started to work as a contractor for the Government doing Court Hearings. Since an economic down fall was to evolve it was better then doing nothing. And at the same time I got myself back to working online.

In 2009 when I was out on the road on my way to a court hearing my brother called me, and he told me that my mother had passed away. My mother was a woman that was very dependent on her husband. So after my father passed away, she slowly started to take farewell. When my brother found her in her favorite chair she had neatly packed her clothes in front of her, and she was ready for her last journey.

All good ideas comes when you least expect it

After this I really started to think. I did really not want to die without knowing I had done everything in my power to live my life to the fullest. My wife and me was on cruise with my sister and brother-law. And for some reason we came into discussion where we touched on the subject of Hotels. Of course I was on a roll then. My brother in law said he was impressed about my passion for Hotels. So that’s when my idea came to me of combine my IT skills, consumer service skills, Social Media Skills and Hotel Skills.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Today is the ‘last’ day in Sarah Robinson online series 28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together.

My mantra after this experience is:

I am a WORLD famous Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist that will capture changing attitudes, having fun, making your day and being present.

My main goal for this series was: By Tuesday March 1st 2011 3:16pm (just because I do so much better after lunch..) I will got all my Sh*t together.

A very ambitious goal, but by writing this article I know I did it! Today will for me really be the first day of the rest of my life. My hotel family and friends – my Social Media family and friends I am looking forward to serve with you.

I learned from my past, I have now planned for the future and I am present. There will still be imperfect days, but what heck I invite you all to be part of my family. The song “What did you learn in School today?” can be “What do you want to learn in School today?”

Q: What Hotel topics or Social Media topics do you want me to cover here?

I will serve you all with all of me. And I bring a lot of love and passion with me.

All of us has an imperfect past. Either as a Hotel, small business or personal. It is really hard to change or create a image shift if you don’t learn from your past.

When I am at a standstill or moving backwards that’s when I really need to learn from my past.

This Is Who I Am: I am a WORLD famous Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist that will capture changing attitudes, having fun, making your day and being present.

Mantra: ‘Open Sesame – and let the treasure of ME be shared with the World..’

What have you done to create your image shift?