How To Make Your Hotel Flourish With a Social Media Control Room

Are your Hotel top of the mind with your Customers Social Media behaviors?

Flourishing is a process that allows the Hotel create a new eco-system on all levels spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. We will here show you how Social Media will create a new shift for Hotels.

Social Media has changed customer behaviors and patterns. Today the Hotel experience starts long before the customer even made a booking decision.

Social Media is changing the customer mindset. The key to booking conversions is to understand how the early reference points influence the booking process.

Social Media has transformed Hotel Marketing and Social Selling into a Dynamic process. Customer communities leads the way to influence Customer Tipping points when decide which Hotel to go with when they make their booking decisions.

Are Morch – Hotel Blogger & Social Media Coach and Imad Atalla, Founder & CEO Happometer has put together this Infographic illustrating the dynamic processes and how they effect the various reference points.

Use this as reference point for your Hotel to develop a Social Media Control Room that makes your Hotel Flourish.

Social Media Control Room

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