In How Hotels Can Apply Strategic Networking Techniques on LinkedIn we took a look at principles for building a strategic network on LinkedIn.

Now we will take a look at some of the people that will help your Hotel get the most out of LinkedIn.

TIP: Start reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell. This books covers the principles mentioned here.


At a Hotel traditionally the Concierge functions at the connectors. These people often knows a large number of people and have a habit of making introductions. Connectors usually know people across social, cultural, professional and economic circles.

Next time you stop by a concierge ask what are some of the strangest requests you have received. Their answers will illustrate some of the areas they have connections within.

Start to engage and learn to know the connectors that can help you get your message out. Find out what you have in common with these people. Be well prepared when you present your info to the connector. On LinkedIn you want to find out if some of exciting connections already is a friend with a connector. And then request of they would introduce you to this person.

Connectors are considered to be trend setters.

Follow the golden rule of always be prepared to give something of value first, and then make yourself available to receive.


Mavens are traditionally the collaborators, they gather information through trusted sources. And their networks crosses many social boundaries and networks. Traditionally at a Hotel I found that the Catering / Convention Service Manager is a great represent for the Mavens.

A Maven is often very creative, and have various solutions to a problem. They are well organized and often they are also a perfectionist.

These are the people that the Connectors trust on, and connectors will widely rely on their insight.

There are often more mavens in your network then connectors. But they are like sleeping agents, there has to be a signal that trigger their action. They gather a lot of information and impressions. The best way to get these involved on LinkedIn is through your group or answers and questions.

Word of Mouth is very often initiates from Mavens.

Hotel Strategies LinkedIn Group

Hotel Strategies LinkedIn group is where you meet Hotel Connectors, Mavens and Transactions specialists.

This is the starting point for engagement. Learn to know others in your Hotel Family. Come and share your expertise with us.

Sales people

Sales people is traditionally responsible for the act of selling products or services in return for money.

Direct sales is traditionally a turn off point when it comes to Social Media. Promotional distribution and ROI is traditionally what keeps the wheels of the business running.

Since traditional Sales is a turn off on Social Media we have to find other ways to represent these values in our network. So look more for transaction specialist. These are people that know how to engage on soft values. Engagement is the key. This is the new way to pass ownership.

The transaction specialist is often considered to be a champion advocate of your brand. They are the presenters on events.

And they are educators of their product and service.

Who is really in your network? Are you sure these are the people that will provide the best value for your brand?