How to Write your Hotels Google+ Strategy in No Time

Google+ is a Social Network where users connect with each other’s based on common interests and passions.

Define you Hotels Google+ Strategy around how you want your users to embrace and engage with your products and services.

Primary Goals: Engagement with users, test ideas, drive traffic, grow following, promote Google+ Business page, response time, reward loyal fans

Aptitude is to identify the right audience for your product and service.

  • Talk about your community
  • Post useful information
  • Share images of community members
  • Share How-To information

Time Frame per day: 1-2 hours

  • Post fresh Hotel content 2-3 times per day (best time to post 10:00am – 1:00pm)
  • Share relevant content 2-3 times per day
  • Respond to all comments
  • Links: 1-2 product or service links
  • Local News and Info: 2 times per day

Tactics: If you are a Hotel Owner or Manager you want to show that your Hotel is the place to be. Be creative and share information that adds value to the Customer Experience. Refine your Hotel on Google+. Make sure your Hotel is the place to be. Don’t share the typical discount or contest info. Be creative and tell a Story.

Your Hotels Engagement Action Plan:
1. Post daily
2. Target your market segments with dedicated circles
3. Utilize video and images
4. Respond to comments
5. Ask questions
6. Share Hotel insider secrets
7. Showcase reference points
8. Reward loyal fans
9. Run exclusive promotions
10. The ‘Friday’ Hangout Party
11. Pay It Forward (+1)

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