A. The Problem

  • You got a Facebook Fan Page for your Hotel
  • You got a new fancy Cover Photo
  • You organized your Apps
  • You pinned posts
  • You highlighted posts
  • You added some milestones
  • We had contests
  • We created deals and specials
  • We claimed our location
  • We increased our Likes and Shares
  • EdgeRank loves you
  • And you added a Booking Engine to your Fan Page
  • You created a Facebook Timeline!

But the results don’t reflect any higher booking conversion ratios.

B. The Challenge

  • Need more Likes
  • Need more Shares
  • Need more Comments
  • Need more Fans post relevant info on Fan Page
  • Need more Leads
  • Need more Champion Advocates referring our Fan Page
  • Need higher EdgeRank
  • Need more Booking Conversions

But there is no ROI as a result of our efforts.

Can we conclude that Facebook is NOT working?

Many Hotels seem to conclude that answer here is YES when they have this type of approach to their Facebook Strategy.

There have been some indications that Facebook is a marketing tool, and it is not easy to turn into a commercial tool.

This is in a way correct. But the clue is that Facebook is not a traditional marketing tool, it is a Relationship Marketing tool. And actually, you don’t want the Relationship Marketing to turn into a commercial tool.

You can’t just expect to cross the finish line with no work, you have to take the time to develop a sizzling Fan Page Strategy for your Hotel.

You can’t cross the finish line without preparing for the race, running the race and then change and adapt when to get you off the track.

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C. The Solution

The Hotel Booking Paradigm Shift

Start prepare for the race with applying proper Fan Page Strategies for:

  • Posting
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Pinning
  • Highlights
  • Milestones
  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Picture
  • Photo Galleries
  • Video Gallieries
  • Tagging
  • Apps
  • Contest
  • Lead Conversions
  • Follow Ups
  • Messages
  • Places
  • Check ins
  • Chat
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Champion Advocates
  • Social Buttons
  • Facebook Insight

Start run the race with:

  • Relationship Marketing Strategies that builds on principles of Serve Your Customers
  • Identify brand values
  • Define your network strategies
  • Create a dynamic online presence
  • Build your community
  • Define your content strategy
  • Ask for the business
  • Just be aware of that Direct Sales and Spamming is a major turn off points with Social Media. This is a point that has been emphasized over and over again by several Social Media Authorities.

    But it seems like many Hotel Marketers misinterpret this point a little. You are still allowed to ask for you customers business. The trick is to know how to ask, and when to ask.

    I see many Hotels provide brilliant content on their Facebook Fan Pages, but they miss out on the follow-up part. Like many I have entered a Facebook Fan Page contest where I first liked the page, then provided my name, email and address. And still to this date none has followed up. Dear Hotel friends this is missed opportunities!!

    I would be ok with a follow-up note;

    ‘Dear Are,

    We highly appreciate your participation in our Hotels Facebook Contest ‘name of the contest’.

    I have attached some tidbits (attach a pdf document related to contest) about our Hotel and City that you will find valuable. If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at janedoe@hotelname.com

    Yours truly,

    Jane Doe
    Sales Manager
    Hotel Name/Address/Phone

    And don’t be afraid of asking your Facebook Fans to share info valuable info related to your Hotel.

  • Take online business offline with events or arrangements
  • Protect your brand from online scrutiny
  • Casestudy

    My friends at socialCEO has been very generous and shared how they applied some of the previous strategies I mentioned here to Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort.

    This is a great example on how you can use the Facebook Fan Page real estate in a very effective way without violating Facebook’s Terms Of Service. Here they provide connection points that don’t require that you Like their Fan Page.

    Adding contact phone number in the about section is a great way to show the customer where they can start with contacting your Hotel.

    And as you can see Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort provide a special offer Tab for those that Like their page.

    In addition they profile a Tab with connection to their Twitter account at @PerrysDaytonaFL. This is a great way to encourage your network to connect with your Hotel brand.

    When people Like the page and click on the Fan Offers Only this is where Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort get bold and really ask for your business in a creative way.

    Results from this campaign:

  • A 350% increase in fans, totalling over 1556 by the end of April, 2012
  • ƒƒAn additional 28 bookings from Smart Fan Deals between March and April, 2012
  • Anticipated over 2000% ROI within a month and a half of usage

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