Are your looking for your dream job? or maybe you are looking for your dream job candidate.

Look no more. LinkedIn Groups has your answers.

LinkedIn group owners focus on building a engaging community. When you start a LinkedIn group then apply some effective group strategies.

Why look for your dream hotel job in LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn is the largest Social Networks of professionals. And here you will find professional Hotel recruiters and get in contact with decision makers.

The power of groups is that you have the ability to connect with 2nd and 3rd degree Hotel Networkers that share the same passion and interest as yourself. Learn to know them by participate in discussions that is related to the job you are looking to apply for.

LinkedIn revamped the job experience for groups this year by adding some great functionality for group owners.

Search for related job information.

You can join up to 50 groups. Be creative when you are looking for information that will help your job search. Make yourself familiar with the group description, and after you joined you can also check the member list to find recruiters that is part of the group. You are free to leave the group if it don’t add value to your research.

Be creative with your search words – hotel, hotels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, franchise hotel, marriott, starwood, ihg, hilton, four seasons, ritz carlton, best western, choice hotel, concierge, front office, events etc.

After you joined groups that you find that will add value to your job search, check the list of groups you joined. Look for the suitcase image. This indicates that the groups has promoted job listings there.

Within the group both the owner and members can post jobs. As a group owner you can also apply a feed directly towards your company page.

It is when you get inside the jobs listed in the group you start see the real power of networking. Here you can see how many in your network is related to the Hotel posting the job, and how many of the group members that has shared the job.

You can also save this job, and share it with your network. Job engagement on steroids. You have your Hotel Resume sharpened up?

Check out the job listing post to get more detailed info.

If you are ready the send away your application with one click.

Here you can save the job listing, share it with your network on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. One ninja tip is to also follow the company. Here you also see your network connections to the particular company. If they are member of the group you can have a great opportunity to connect with them.

Another great options within groups is career discussion. This is the best place to share career opportunities and advice with other members of a Group.

Engage with hotel job recruiters. Learn to know what is required to land your your dream job. For Hotels looking for their dream candidates apply some additional strategies for finding great talent.

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