What is LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups are communities of like-minded professionals who share a common experience,
passion, interest, affiliation, or goal. This is the main channel for collaborations with your Hotel Network and peers.

Join groups that adds value to your Hotel and network. You can max be a member of 50 groups. Some groups are open groups, and others are members-only.

Use the group search option, or groups you might like to find groups that will add value to your Hotel.

There are several 1000’s Hotel groups on LinkedIn. You will find;

  • 2946 groups under Hotel
  • 1511 groups under Hotels
  • 2788 groups under Hospitality
  • 155 groups under Lodging
  • 93 groups under Bed and Breakfast
  • 5063 groups under Travel
  • 2176 groups under Tourism
  • 105 groups under Hotel Marketing
  • 44 groups under Hotel Investors

These are just some of the many groups related to the Hotel Family. Make sure you take time to search for various Hotel Groups.

Why your Hotel should create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups enable hotel marketers to establish their own community within the larger LinkedIn
business network in a seamless and organic way. Hotel marketers can easily deliver relevant messages
and efficiently engage with their audience of potential customers.

  • Enable the conversation. All members join groups so they can engage with like-minded professionals
  • Create long-term interaction with customers and prospects. Ongoing discussions and collaboration produce a vital and lasting community
  • Generate viral, sustainable growth. Groups are organically viral creating growth opportunities for long run

Hoteliers and friends of the Hotel Family join our Groups at LinkedIn:

Are Morch - Hotel Blogger

Make a Plan!

Before you start a group take time to think through your strategy. Put in place both short and long term goals.

  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your message?
  • Who will manage the group?

Some LinkedIn Group Ninja Tips

  • Include your brand Group Name
  • Design custom logo for your group
  • Write email templates for new group members
  • Create detailed group description/rules

These are some of the basic options to start out with. If want to enhance your group appearance then;

  • Add a welcome video
  • Stream in your blog, and info that adds value to the group
  • Post questions
  • Encourage discussions with polls
  • Acknowledge contributors
  • Send announcements
  • Feature discussions
  • Leverage third-party content
  • Add jobs to your groups

  • Promotional Distributions – have clear ground rules in place. Focus on Informative promotions.

Moderate your group

Moderation is important for a vibrant group.

  • Establish posting guidelines
  • Be consistent with enforcement
  • Aggressively manage spam
  • Block inappropriate members

Spread the word about your Hotel LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Targeted Self-Service Ads is great way to reach out to your network and peers. Your ads will show to relevant market segments.

General Group Limitations

Group limits for members:

How many parent (main) groups can I own and/or manage at one time? 10 (total).
How many subgroups can I own at one time? 20.
How many groups can I be a member of at one time? 50. Once you reach 50, you would need to withdraw from one before you would be able to request to join a new group.
How many subgroups can I be a member of at one time? 50.
How many groups can I be a moderator of at one time? 50.
How many people can I follow at one time? 20,000.

Group limits per main (parent) group:

How many owners can a group have? 1.
How many managers can a group have? 10.
How many moderators can be in a given group? 50.
How many members can be in a given group? 20,000 (maximum default).

Group limits per subgroup:

How many subgroups can be created under a given parent group? 20.
How many owners can a subgroup have? 1.
How many managers can a given subgroup have? 10.
How many moderators can a given subgroup have? 50.

Have you found that LinkedIn Groups is helping you build a stronger community with your Hotels network and peers?