Millienials Changing the Hotel Landscape through Social Media

Millennials Changing the Hotel Landscape through Social Media

Millennials is the Social Generations. They are the founders of the Social Media Movement; constantly connected to their Social circles via online and mobile. And they are very savvy shoppers, always looking for the best deals. But they are willing to pay more for products and services from brands with Social Impact programs.

According to Nielsen Millennials have more of a positive view of how technology is affecting their lives than any other generation. More than 74 percent feel that new technology makes their lives easier, and 54 percent feel new technology helps them be closer to their friends and family.

Today Millennials make up for about 50% of Hotels Bookings.

Hotels need to be prepared for major shifts in how future market segments will interact with them. And another aspect of the Millennials is they are more focused on an Urban Lifestyle looking for vibrant, creative energy, shopping and restaurant scenes right outside their doorsteps. This is one of the keys to Airbnb success.


Facebook is the choice of 72% of the Millennials. So the needs and wants for this market segment is to your Hotels disposal.

The Millennials is hungry for ongoing real time information. 32% of the younger half (18-24) use Social Media from the bathroom, and 51% of the older half (25-34) take time of their workday to use Social Media at the office.

A large portion of their financial transactions and decisions are primary made online.

With Social Media channels like Facebook ‘CARE’ has become the new currency for the Millennials.

Your Hotel has to show in new ways that you recognize their values. Many Millennials like to indentify themselves with a brand that support a cause they can identify themselves with. My friends at DoubleTree by Hilton shows us in several ways how this can be incorporated.

DoubleTrees was a great Facebook Campaign that enforced creative thinking from the Millennial market segment.

The key to reaching Millennials is to recognize their Likes. Your Hotel Facebook Page is your portal to invite them into your Social Media Tribe.

Social Media Value Proposition

Millienials is part of a Social movement that seeks the center of economic energy and vitality. Almost two-third of this group prefer to rent, and they are constant on the move.

How do Hotels prepare for this Vibrant and diverse market? Millennials buy authenticity. And they use their Smart Devices to check in through easy Wi-Fi. One key component is that this segment is tied to localism and pride in the products. Millennials will look for the distinct character your Hotel represent.

Hotel that are able to bundle their service into a Lifestyle Program focused on Community will appeal to the Millennial Market Segment. Think Starbucks, and find new ways to offer Free Wi-fi.

Are your Hotel ready for the Millennials? Does your Social Media Strategy include a Lifestyle Program that focus on Community?

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