New Innovative Twitter Marketing Fundamentals for Hotels

Twitter is where people connect with their passions, share their opinions, and find out what’s happening in the world right now. Because people are in a discovery mindset when they’re on Twitter, they’re open to interacting with new businesses.

Learn their mindset, and change your mindset

In today’s markets, it has become critically important for Hotels and small businesses that Social Media represents a change in your mindset.

For market segments like the Millennials, Social Media has been their “training wheels for life”. Social Media channels like Twitter has become part of their lifestyle. And their actions are driven by a community they identify today as their friends.

As a Social Media Consultant, I still run into mindsets like;
“We got to be on Twitter because everyone else is”
“We been on Twitter for one month now, and nothing happens”
“Twitter will save our day”
“We have thousands of followers, we tweeted, retweeted and responded still no sales. This is not working!”
“You just hate it on a personal level, it seems like a big time-suck, you don’t want to learn it and no one is going to make you.”

I can go on and on here, please feel free to add some of your own to the list.

Start with the foundation

Before Twitter or any Social Media network is going to add value to your business you need to change your mindset.

Today we must start creating a foundation that supports a new culture and lifestyles. If not you will soon start discovering that customers will take their business elsewhere.

A typical Hotel customer now spends a considerable amount of time researching prospective Hotels online. If you own or manage a hotel, it’s imperative that your brand has a presence on Twitter, and that you use this platform effectively to market your property.

Because Twitter is based on real-time communication, and because Hotel stays are also time-sensitive (booked and consumed by a specific date and time), there’s a natural fit between Twitter and hotel marketing.

The essential key for setting up your Hotels Twitter foundation is to start collecting stories that will add value to your customers.

@ChoiceHotels has a great foundation on Twitter to rely upon their message that is relevant to their targeted market segment. And I really love their BADDA BOOK. BADDA BOOM. campaign.

If I would have made some suggestions here it was for @ChoiceHotels to also use real employees and customers to tell their stories. And for the BADA BOOK. BADDA BOOM. campaign I would suggest adding a hashtag like #badabookbadaboom.

What Hotels and small businesses want to achieve with Twitter is to set up a proper foundation that embraces brand awareness. And implement a mindset that will attract customers, brand advocates, and influencers.

Lead the way for your customers

You know what your Hotel or small business offer. Create a content calendar that allows you to implement and provide valuable information in advance.

Many Hotels look to attract corporate customers or larger groups. It is not unusual that corporate customers and groups are making their plans months in advance.

Take advantage of the information your customers are sharing on Twitter. Implement valuable information in your Hotel story that supports your overall goals.

Provide your customers with ideas and tips, and don’t be afraid showcase how your Hotel or small business can help make the customer feel special.

Twitter Profile

Without expectation, a successful Twitter Profile starts with your Hotels or small business profile.

Your profile shows the world who you are, and first impressions count. Every element should showcase your best content and accurately reflect your Hotel and small business identity.

Twitter Foundation

Username is the unique identifier for your Hotel or small business on Twitter. It can contain up to 15 characters. Make sure your username is representative for the narrative of the stories you will share on Twitter.

For your Hotel or small business real name, you have 20 characters available. You can do like Marriott has done and use a shorter username @marriott and longer name Marriott Hotels.

The profile picture is an extension of your brand. Recommended dimension for the image is 400×400 pixels. This image will show up as an icon on every tweet you post.

You can be creative as Marriott here and use a Snapchat image. This is a great way to set a foundation that connects with Millennials.

Bio is where you let people know what makes your Hotel or small business special. You have 160 characters available to do this.

One of the main reason I chose to use Marriott Hotels profile is how well they have implemented storytelling in their Twitter profile. Within the Bio, they showcase innovation by connecting to their #TravelBrilliantly campaign. If you click on this hashtag in their bio it will direct you to a Twitter feed where customer and Marriott share their unique experiences.

To top this Marriott has added a link below their Bio: This link brings you to a website where Marriott brilliantly incorporates the Twitter stories with their own goal and mission.

Header image is the new dynamic billboard. Feature products, service options, Hotel opening, renovation, employees, micro-moments and more. Let your header image represent a micro-moment of your Hotel or small business story. Recommended dimension for header image is 1500×500 pixels.

Pinned tweet let you showcase an important tweet that adds value to the story. Marriott showcases their mobile app in their pinned tweet. And with the pinned tweet they have uploaded a 30-second video showing some of the benefits with their mobile app. When you click on the link within the pinned tweet it brings you to a website that tells that Marriott is well prepared to meet Social Media and New Media customers wherever they are and whatever their need is.

Marriott is a Hotel chain with long traditions that show us how a new mindset has changed their brand message.

Twitter Amplification

Twitter amplification is an amazingly powerful technique that, if done correctly, can deliver incredible results – and the kind of traffic that bring your Hotel and small business returns that make the owners happy. It can expand your audience immensely, establish your brand firmly at top-of-mind among customers in your industry, and create new opportunities to drive leads and sales.


This can’t be done without a new mindset and building a solid foundation that supports amplification. Twitter amplifications is reached through organic, paid and earned techniques.

Your foundation must support a dynamic process that is responsive to new trends, and the ongoing real-time evolution of Twitter as a Social Network.

Ninja tip: One technique I found very effective is create several templates based on the five key components of a Twitter profile. This can be templates like:

  • Spring Break
  • Easter
  • Graduation
  • Weddings
  • Event
  • Corporate
  • Millennials
  • Innovation
  • Campaign

There is no reason to keep your Twitter profile static. Rotate your stories to generate curiosity and appeal to hyper-targeted market segments.

Let a Social Media Consultant help change your mindset with;

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build thought leadership
  • Connect with target market
  • Grow readership
  • Generate more leads
  • Grow community
  • Increase sales and conversion via Influencers
  • Grow customer base
  • Drive sales

One of my goals is to help you build a Social Media task team that will be your Hotels and small business response team.

Learn how to nurture your influencers and the Community.

If you need assistance then contact us and learn how a Hotel Social Media Consultant can help.

If your Hotel needs help with Social Media and building engaging communities then learn more about my Social Media Consulting servies!

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This is the moment where you finally can make an impact on new and renewed customers. Learn how you can start to make a new shift today below here.

Surprise and delight are what makes dreams come true.

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