Finding the dream job or dream job candidate just got easier with LinkedIn.

1. Create Network Profile NOT a Resume Profile

LinkedIn is not a traditional employment website where you post a static resume. This is professional business network. Potential job seekers will find companies based on their network, and companies will find their job candidates based on their network.

For job seekers it is all about a strong first impression. Keep your personal profile fresh and up to date. And make sure you get the profile 100% complete.

Build your network to be referred to new exciting job opportunities, or job candidates.

Make sure to follow companies on LinkedIn.

2. The Secret Sauce of your Employees

Identify your Employee networking rock stars. The real power here is to identify qualified candidates in their network.

I assume your Company has set up a LinkedIn Talent referral reward program.

Empower them to deliver great employee-endorsed candidates directly to your recruiters.

3. Targeted Career Company Page

You have created your LinkedIn Company Page by now?

Give your network and peers reasons to follow your Company Page. Make your Hot Spot positions available to your targeted network first.

What if LinkedIn could cut job advertising cost 25-30% due to the referral effect?

That is the power of Leveraging your Company Page, and empowering your network and peers.

4. Collaborate On Groups related to your Desired Career

This is one of the ninja tips for job seekers and finding the talented job candidates.

Groups has their own job tab that opens new opportunities. Start engage in groups and get in touch with managers of the group. Find out how you can benefit from each other.

Smart recruiters contact groups owners and provide referral bonus if talented candidates within the group was hired.

Be innovative and creative.

5. Step up your Game

If your really are looking for your dream job or candidate, then you should consider upgrading to a Job Seeker Premium account (I am not associated with LinkedIn in any fashion or form, so this advice is based on my own experience with a premium account).

Here also a strong up-to-date profile will help. But it also provide you with the opportunity to contact recruiters or talented job candidates via InMail.

For job seekers this will also a job seeker badge on their profile. This will help your profile stand out, and make easier for recruiters to identify you as an potential candidate.

Plus you will also become a featured job candidate.

The Talent Finder makes it easy for recruiters to find highly qualified targeted candidates.

6. Put some Automation in the process

Set up either daily or weekly email alerts for your job searches. This is a great way to keep track of potential job opportunities.

Jobinsider is another great tool that can be uploaded either to your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.

Make sure you take advantage of tools that make the job hunt or hunt for talent easier for you.

7. Ask The Experts

Looking for your Hotel LinkedIn Dream Team?

This is your chance to get in contact with Hotel LinkedIn experts.

What if you could land your dream job! Find the dream candidate with a network of champion brand advocates!

Your Ninja Tip is to find and ask the expert.