Should the hospitality industry be utilizing YouTube

Should the hospitality industry be utilizing YouTube?

With more and more people using digital media to find out about entertainment, restaurants and other hospitality based businesses, YouTube provides another inexpensive outlet that can reach vast numbers of potential customers 24 hours a day. Videos and pictures can have a larger impact than mere words. Here are some of the many more reasons why the hospitality industry should use this valuable form of promotion.

Google and YouTube work together to promote your business

Google owns YouTube. This means that when internet users search for videos on Google, YouTube results usually appear at the top of the search results. Since more than two million videos are viewed on YouTube daily, those in the hospitality industry can expose their business to many potential customers through this channel. YouTube videos can also be easily embedded on other websites, so videos are not limited to appearing only on YouTube’s website. Outdoor-Traveler has utilized YouTube to educate adventure seekers on travel opportunities suitable for their unique tastes.

Video tours

Hotels can offer video tours that can be viewed via YouTube, allowing vacation seekers to see exactly what a destination has to offer. This transparency can be very reassuring to even the pickiest travellers. Tours of rooms, dining, outdoor facilities, and other amenities can all help customers feel more connected to their potential vacation, dining, or other hospitality center.

Economical hospitality advertising

Advertising costs can be high for those in the competitive hospitality industry. YouTube videos are economical and can reach a large audience. No fancy cameras are needed. A really fantastic video can be shot using even a cheap video camera. Some people even use smart phones or tablets for promotions.

A personal connection

Visuals are a powerful tool that can make a potential customer feel more connected to your business. Being able to reach customers through video allows brands to create a personal connection even if they have no brick and mortar storefront presence. YouTube videos can also be embedded on blogs, websites, Facebook, or reshared via Twitter. This opens your business up to a chain of advertising that works hard for you at an extremely low cost.

Increased bookings

Offering video tours and informational videos about your restaurant, hotel, or recreational opportunities can increase bookings by reaching out to a wide potential customer base. The more potential customers know about your business, the greater the potential for bookings.

Increases trust

In a video, a business really bares it all. This can let customers know that your business is proud of what it does and is comfortable with completely opening up to them. Words and regular pictures can say a lot, but nothing matches a video. When potential customers know they can trust you, they will be more likely to book through your company.

Essential in the modern hospitality industry

There is no question that competition in the restaurant and hotel business can be fierce. It is a fun and exciting business to be in and as a result, there are many people that want to be part of it. Effective marketing with YouTube and social media outlets like Facebook can help ensure that your business is reaching as many customers as possible.

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