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The best ways to manage your Hotels Twitter Reputation

Reputation Management is the understanding or influence of a business reputation.

Hotels has over the years utilized various techniques to collect data that would assist them with their reputation management. LRA Inspectors has provided info related to important factors like customer service, quality assurance and eco-friendliness. Mystery shoppers has evaluated processes like check-in/check-out, room service, cleanliness, food quality and restaurant.

Surveys, forums and comments cards has been some of the ways to collect valuable customer feedback.

Online reviews has been the most common way for customers to share their experience with others.

The ripple effect of concerning data could in some cases become damaging for the Hotel depending on what type action that was taken. But the key for many Hotels was that there existed some form of ‘grace-period’.

Social Media has brought on new challenges for Reputation Management. Any concern customers today experience in relationship with their Hotel Experience is shared with a large network in real time. Today any concern reach thousands of people in matter of seconds. Customers don’t bother writing out comment cards, surveys or participate in forums anymore. They voice their concern via a Tweet or a Facebook update. And your ‘grace-period’ is limited to seconds.

I will take a look at how to respond in time, make the customer happy, maintain your reputation and make more money for Hotel.

1. ‘1 hour’ rule – don’t be a hero (yet)

If one of your customer tweeted a concern the most important thing your Hotel need to do is to recognize this concern.

Twitter is limited to 140 characters so don’t try to be the hero right away. You might end up fixing something that wasn’t broken. And in some cases it can create a new concern.

The ‘1 hour’ rule indicates that you have to craft a proper response that acknowledge the concern, and be appologetic about the situation.
The key to a proper response on Twitter is to avoid getting in to long winded discussion tread. That can end up be very time consuming, and the risk of misinterpreting information will increase.

Lithium Technologies Inc. did a research late 2013 related to Twitter response time. This report revealed that customer has high expectation of quick response :

  • 53 percentage expect response to a Tweet in less than 1 hour
  • If the Tweet is related to a concern this increase to 72 percentage
  • If response don’t meet expectations 38 percentage feels more negative about the brand, and 60 percentage will take unpleasant action to express their dissatisfaction

2. Listening

We have identified that a quick response is required. With Social Media it is essential to listen to concerns. And then craft a response that both surprise and delights the customer. @Hampton Hotels response in the above example is really well executed.

Lithium Technologies Inc. research showed that as much as 74 percentage of customer that take their concerns to Social Media believes it leads to better service.

With customer expectations of quick response and better service Listening is key for your Hotels Reputation Management.

3. Surprise and delight

There is many Hotels we can learn from that really have a great handle of all aspects of Social Media. My friends at @Loews_Hotels really has embraced some of the best Social Media Principles.

Their response time is 5 minutes.

If you take time to study @Loews_Hotels Twitter stream then you will learn the real value of proper response.

@Loews_Hotels is using Twitter to its full potential. And they have put in place a #hashtag they identified as #BookLoews, which allows customers to reserve a Hotel room with a simple tweet (Awesome!).

Here in example of what can be done, and how to start create ROI for your Hotel with Twitter.

Lithium Technologies Inc. research shows that if you recognize and seize the opportunities of the rising customer expectations your Hotel can achieve some awesome results:

  • 34 percentage are likely to buy more from the brand
  • 43 percentage are likely to encourage friends and family to buy their products
  • 38 percentage are more receptive to their advertisement
  • 42 percentage are willing to praise or recommend the brand through Social Media

The research illustrates really well some of the trends that many of us that worked with Social Media for a long period have seen. With as much as 57 percentage unlikely to spend money with you again after a negative experience it is worth start manage your Hotels reputation on Social Media.

And if you keep an 80/20 balance on your Tweet like @Loews_Hotels then you can Tweet out clear call to action tweets.

80/20 = Give 80 percentage back to your community. And then you can provide 20 percentage clear calls to action.

Hotels that understand the value of earned media, will gain customer trust on Social Media. Earned media derives from word of mouth. Delivering an amazing customer experience is what will make all the difference via Social Media.

Scale your Hotels Reputation Management

As a Social Media Coach I focus on all these elements when I up a Reputation Management strategy.

I will take a look at how to respond in time, make the customer happy, maintain your reputation and make more money for Hotel.

If your Hotel want to partner with a Social Media Coach today then check out my Social Media Coaching Program for Hotels.

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