Your Hotel is on LinkedIn, but How do you convert your Hotels network into bookings?

The Hotel LinkedIn Lead Conversion Process goes through a funnel. And you need to build up on each stages in the funnel.

1. Network – Connect

You need to start out with applying some Strategic Networking Techniques.

Connect with your consumers and peers. Start out with focus on your primary market segment and demographics. When you start understand the power of the principles within the funnel then you can extend these elements.

A common mistakes many do is to think that Social Media or LinkedIn provide a magic wand that naturally opens all doors to new market segments.

New challenges and opportunities are provided in real time, know how to approach this and then over long term you will start experience that doors to new market segments opens.

2. Relationship – Trust

Social Media CRM is a important principle that many Hotels follows today.

Building a quality relationship with your network and peers will help you earn their trust and respect. Once you have initiated a trust relationship you are on your way to form champion advocates for your Hotel brand.

Trust is earned by providing your network and peers with exceptional value. Implement creative ways to involve and reward your network and peers.

3. Listen – Anticipate

Make sure you have implemented proper Listening Outposts.

Proper listening strategies not only helps you with track your Hotel Brands mentions, but it allows you to learn more about your consumers needs and wants.

If done properly you will have a great platform in place that will allow you to anticipate some of their needs and wants. And then apply strategies that will make your Hotel be the first to adapt new hot market trends.

4. Engage – Response

Engagement is one of the greatest challenges for many when it comes to Social Media and LinkedIn, but when you understand this principle it is what provides the greatest opportunities.

It is as simple as today we as Hoteliers need to be where our consumers are. We need to live and breath the same information as they do.

By now we have put in place strategies that allows us to anticipate their wants and needs. It is time to find creative ways to provide proper response.

5. Leads – ROI

How many leads you generate is depending on your ROI (Return Of Investment) in each stages of the funnel.

From the consumers booking patterns we know they spend a lot of time on research. And in most cases a lead will not convert into a booking before they returned several times back to your booking touch points.

This is why it is so important to build a solid LinkedIn foundation for your Hotel. Else other Hotels that apply these principles will outperform you.

Rinse & Repeat

One of my favorite quotes is ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’ ~ Epictetus. This tells me that everyday I should focus on reinforce my values, and find new ways that will help me improve.

Roadblocks will come. If you are looking up or down your roadblocks, is actually a choice you make. The days I look up on my roadblocks, is when I take time to ask my network for help.

If your Hotel need help I am just one question away…