No Booking Conversions With Social Media

Most studies and surveys that has been done verify that Social Media has thrived engagement, but booking engines on the Hotels Facebook Page has show mixed results. *NOTE* Facebook is the only Social Network at this moment provide that the option for a booking portal. From the other Social Networks Hotels is depending creative ways to direct customer to their Hotel Website.

Still the Hotel Website and Online Travel Agencies (OTA) is the main distributions channels.

I have previously looked into Can Hotels Really Use Social Media as a Distribution Channel?

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Why is there a disconnect between Social Media and Hotel Bookings?

There are three important elements that leads into Social Media Conversion.

These are;

  • The Customers Network
  • Engangement
  • Sentiments

The major disconnect lays in that there is there is lack of a clear business performance objective for Social CRM. It is critical to measure and monitor the flow of data via Social Networks. Without an proper strategy most Hotels will fail. reports that Adam Sarner, research director at Gartner, said: “For the 50% of Fortune 1000 organisations not determining, or even measuring, ROI, ignorance will mean failed projects. Among the companies who will not see a worthwhile return, only 20% will even have the data to evaluate where their social strategy is falling short.

We also know from Booking Patterns of guests in Independent Hotels that most customers visit 10 Hotel websites before a booking decision, and 16% of the guest found added values through reviews from their network.

So how do Hotels Capture the New Media Customer?

Most of the traditional channels today is typically static channels. Social Media all about Dynamic Content.

Start develop your Social Media Strategy with the main focus of;

  • Find Your Voice
  • Express Your Voice

The Social Paradigm Shift

The Social Paradigm Shift to less formal, interactive live discussions requires more then just the various Social Media Tools. This also require a cultural shift in the organization where employees are encourages to share, innovate and collaborate.

Together you will approach New Media creatively to reach the New Media Customers. And with your employees participation you have more options to direct the customer back to Hotels Facebook Booking Channel.

The short answer to create Hotel Social Media ROI is to take advantage of the Network of your Champion Customers and Employees.

Greatness is achieved through collaboration

With Traditional Distribution channels Hotels primary deals with know variables that they can both measure and monitor. New Media Distribution channels brings on-board the unknown. And Media ROI is so much more then just the numbers. The window of opportunity has expanded way beyond RevPar, ADR and occupancy.

Relationship Marketing and Reputation Management is the new data Hotels is starting deal with. If Hotels start focus both on the Customer and Employee Social Network they will be able to build a larger Referral Base.

Again I will say it Social Media will not replace traditional hospitality services or products. It is a tool that allow Hotels to collaborate with the customers related to reference points that will enhance their total Hotel Experience.

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