“Your Hotel LinkedIn Network is as strong as your weakest LinkedIn connection.”

Opportunity behind every LinkedIn Connection

There are different strategies for how to achieve the most from LinkedIn.

For Hotels Social Media awakens some sleeping giants that we know a lot about; Customer Relationships – Customer Care and Customer Care.

With Social Media we add in a another element which is Consumer Engagement.

Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 leaders has added their profiles on LinkedIn.

In the Hotel Family we find profiles for presidents, owners, general managers, director of operations and a large portion of the management team. Vendors, suppliers, buyers and investors are also present.

I do not limit within my niche who I connect with if I see that I can reach out and help them. Rather then focusing on the limitations, see the opportunities with your LinkedIn network.

Engage with your weakest link

Consumer Engagement is all about giving value to your network. Reach out and ask questions that will add value for them.

Here are some sample engagement tips that you can apply;

How can I help? How can I add value to your brand, and assist with engage your network? If I could help you leverage your brand on LinkedIn at no cost to you would you find that interesting? How about helping you optimize both your personal profile and company profile?

Learn more about proper market segmentation, and how to maximize the results from LinkedIn. I will teach all in your organisation how to optimize their profile and how to properly connect it to your company profile. Learn how to understand Social Handshakes. And how to drive champion leads back to your Hotel.

I am just one question away: info@aremorch.com

What have you done to engage your weakest Hotel LinkedIn Connection? Think outside the box, and try it! You will be positively surprised.