No money..
No resources..
No time..

Not cost efficient..

Negative reviews..

Privacy and Security concerns..
Spam overload..

“Social Media Experts” are just charlatans..

No ROI..
Metrics is hard to measure..

Social Networking = Social NOT-Working



Word Of Mouth works for Hotels.

What buttons creates a great Hotel Social Network?

Do your hotel really know who your champion advocates are?

It all starts with learning who know your hotel. Know How to Outlisten your Competition.

Start build relationships with your consumers on Twitter. Show them you care. Add value to your network. Provide proper and timely Social Networking reponse.

You know have an idea of who know your hotel – but do you know who like your hotel?

Your consumer “Like” your Hotels Facebook Fan Page. But this is not equivalent with that they Like your Hotel enough to make a booking.

Facebook Conversion ratios can be sparked with some Ninja tips. How much real time value are giving back to consumers that engage on your Fan Page?

Twitter and Facebook makes your Hotel more accessible to your consumers.

LinkedIn brings your Hotel to another level. This is where you engage with professionals within your industry, and potential business partnerns. Here you also find high quality professionals that can add value to your Hotel.

To take advantage of the opportunities that Social Networking brings to your Hotel put in place a Social Networking Organisation.

More and more consumers make their bookings online today.

To compete in todays new Social Media Market you need to know how to take advantage of Social Media on a shoe string budget. Some hotels have found ways on how to work Social Media on a shoe string budget.

Are you willing to take some risks?

You are starting get a picture of who knows your Hotel, and who likes your Hotel. But it is when you know who trust your Hotel you start getting an idea of who your champion advocates are.

Learn how to provide servant leadership. A servant leader looks to the needs of the people and asks himself how he can help them to solve problems and promote personal development. He places his main focus on people, because only content and motivated people are able to reach their targets and to fulfill the set expectations.

Start with the weakest link. And then follow up with unwrapping all of your Hotels Social Networking Touch Points.

The bottom line is this: your consumers are out there having conversations on social media with or without you. You can choose to join in or not. But when you think about the potential that social media marketing offers, it may be well worth your time to at least start exploring the possibilities it offers.

Social Networking Means Business for Hotels that adapts to new market segments. Many Hotels use a large portion of their online marketing budgets on costly advertisement.

What if your Social Networking champion advocates could spread your Hotel message wider and faster for a fraction of the cost? Plus with an added bonus – create higher booking conversion ratios?

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