Your Hotel LinkedIn Profile is your professional real estate. Make sure you keep your Social Network property attractive for potential clients or jobs.

Why You Need a Dynamic LinkedIn Profile to Land a Hotel Job

A Dynamic profile requires that you regularly update some touch points that adds value to your social network equation success factor.

Ensure a complete and up-to-date profile with a twist. Showcase your passion and talents and help the right clients and opportunities find you.

Your headline is the curbside presence that spark an interest with by-passers.

Think like a client or recruiter when you design your headline. Show your clients how your talent will help them and add value to their business.

For the job seeker add in the functions you look for, and how you will add value to these functions.

Why not post a challenging status update:
‘Ref: Hotel Recruiters if you found me through LinkedIn then shot me a note with #LinkedInFree and I will offer my services for Free the first week at your Hotel’

Most job candidates is found through Search. So be creative. Change your headline weekly, and add new creative status updates.

Dress up for success, and have a professional picture to showcase.

The headline is the main area I recommend keeping dynamic. This due to the nature of how the search function works.

Here I used the search word hotel, and it showcase headlines for the profiles that ranks high on this particular keyword. Pay attention to the info line above the search;

Looking for Hotel candidates? Post your Hotel job on LinkedIn.

Grab some tips on How LinkedIn Groups Will Land Your Hotel Dream Job.

Want to learn how to rank your profile so the recruiters flocks to you?

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