The CoronaVirus Pandemic has forced several countries to impose lockdowns and people to stay home. Several people have been practicing social distancing and self-isolation to stop the spread of Covid-19.

As the disease is highly contagious, it’s better to stay home and avoid physical contact with outsiders and strangers. Whether it’s hiking on the World’s most dangerous trail or cruising through the rocky mountains on the best adventure motorcycle, people surely miss being outdoors and traveling.

Of course, staying home all day is no fun. However, in such critical times, it’s our responsibility to get over our boredom and stay home. However, in emergencies, where it is mandatory to travel, you need to follow some precautions to prevent yourself from getting affected by the CoronaVirus.

So here are five things you need to know about traveling during the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

1. Washing hands thoroughly


The first and foremost precaution to stay away from the coronavirus is to wash your hands thoroughly with an alcohol-based soap. You might touch many objects while traveling in public places such as doorknobs, faucets, etc.

Always remember that it is essential for you to wash hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer outdoors to keep your hands clean at all times and have good hygiene. A quick rinse with soap and water in the name of hand wash is not enough if you want to stay away from coronavirus.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with soap and water after traveling to public places or after using any form of public transport. You can use a hand sanitizer gel with 70% alcohol content to rub against your hands in case you don’t have access to soap and water.

2. Always wear a mask and avoid touching your face


Another rule of thumb, when it comes to the prevention of coronavirus is wearing face masks, to cover nose and mouth while traveling outdoors, especially while using public transport. We all tend to touch our face, several times during the day. It’s one of those involuntary mechanisms that we developed, over the years.

However, it’s time to get rid of the habit to steer clear of coronavirus. Try to avoid touching the parts of your face such as mouth and nose with unwashed hands after being outdoors or touching articles that many people have touched.

By doing so, you can prevent the virus from entering your body. Always cover your mouth with a tissue or a piece of cloth while coughing and sneezing. Always wear a mask when headed outdoors and create awareness among others who don’t.

3. Maintain a safe distance from others

If you notice someone with symptoms of flu such as coughing and sneezing, it’s better to maintain at least 6 feet distance from the person. The novel coronavirus can spread through the airborne respiratory droplets that exude while coughing and sneezing, even while talking in some cases.

So make sure to maintain a safe distance from others while traveling, especially during public transit. Avoid shaking hands with known people and strangers as well. Though you have washed your hands thoroughly, you cannot be sure about the same, for the opposite person.

Avoid Crowded places

All the precautions mentioned above make no sense if you fail to practice this one. Firstly, do thorough research about the place you are visiting. Check the number of positive coronavirus cases, and the less affected places.

If the country you are visiting has a high number of positive coronavirus cases, avoid visiting any crowded places with many people around. Your research should also include the general guidelines of government officials and the health care professionals of the country concerning the coronavirus outbreak.

Avoid being in congested areas and closed spaces such as crowded public trains and metros, etc. It’s better to avoid visiting malls in a place with a high number of positive coronavirus cases and refrain from using crowded elevators as well.

If the government officials have advised, not to visit, a specific area or a region, then it’s better not to.

5. Packing your food and other essentials

Due to the widespread pandemic, many fast-food joints and restaurants have shut down their operations. So it’s better to research your options before heading out. It’s safe to pack homemade snacks and food items for your journey as maintaining proper hygiene play a very crucial role during this period.

Pack a few pairs of disposable hand gloves and maks, sanitizer gels, disinfecting wet wipes, etc., for your journey. Try to avoid eating out as much as you can, and pack your food at all times.

Several airlines in specific countries have also shut down their operations, along with the hospitality sector, such as hotels. So make sure to research thoroughly all the essential things to consider amidst the pandemic, to avoid any consequences later.

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For any specific information on COVID-19, I recommend go to CDCWHOAHLAAAHOA, and HSMAI. Also, follow information from your local authorities.


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