Hotels today is starting to learn the real impacts of the Digital reality. Data from 2016 showed us that in the US:

  • 258 Million digital US users consumed 1.5 Trillion digital minutes each month
  • More than 60% digital US users consume Travel content
  • 8.7 Billion minutes spent on digital travel content in the US – a 41% increase year over year

The numbers are just staggering. And the data shows that Online Travel Bookers increasingly engage with travel content throughout the weeks preceding a booking event.

And the channels with the highest engagement throughout the booking path is the channels that experienced the highest booking conversions.

Traditional Hotel Service reference points are evolving

Clock Software Self-Service is revolutionizing the digital check-in experience. The Hotel customer is now in control of defining their own experience.

Traditional Customer Service is shifting towards a Customer Partnership. Many Hotels is still resisting this shift. But it is a shift that will allow your team to focus on what matters the most.

It is all about positioning your Hotel team to listen. Social Media and New Media have introduced us to extremely disruptive customer patterns. Therefore, it is key that Hotels seek to understand then to be understood.

Clock Software provided an enhanced guest delivered cost-efficient to your guest’s preferred device.

With new improved tools, Hotels now can implement Social Connection through the Customers Experience.

It has over the years been a well-known fact that Hotels traditionally had a larger focus on customer acquisitions vs retention. Research has shown that by increasing retention by 5% can increase profits by 25 – 95%.

Three of the most effect marketing channels for retentions are;

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content marketing

The key here is that we must put these shifts in a context. Disruptive customer patterns travel trends and customer partnerships that together support new innovative distribution channels.

Clock cloud Hotel software is a complete set of professional tools for smooth management, online distribution, & front desk operations and top-end guest experience.

Many Hotels is still resistant to cloud technology. If Hotels continues to be resistant and don’t realize the importance of the Tipping Point we are at now they will put their livelihood at risk.

The Tipping Point today is a paradigm shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests. The traditional front desk has become too formal and slow, and no longer fully provides the experience guests look for.

Here are some of the benefits that comes with Clock:

Single or multi-property. The mobile hotel system Clock PMS is designed to serve multi-property groups and chains as well as independent hotels. One log-in point for easy access to all hotels, one database for all to access company and guest profiles, shared general settings for accurate consolidated reporting, central reservation desk, centralized user management, central online booking portal integrated into the website of the group.

Sales pro-active booking process. A clear Rates & Availability monitor to find quickly the best offers for each client. A Booking Enquiry feature to save these offers and allows emailing them to the client. A ‘book’ button in the inquiry sent so when clients make up their mind and call back, you book their choice with just a click.

Automated internal mechanisms. Smart rates with season prices, special days, and manual override. Rate restrictions and occupancy adaptable rates for setting conditions for your best prices and optimize profit. Derived rates with interconnected prices for fast modification when needed. All charges posted automatically on the relevant booking, company or event folio. Deposits and accounts receivable handled effortlessly for non-pressure business relations.

Guest mailer to send out customized automated messages at specified points throughout a booking’s life and keep communication with clients going.

Tasks and staff collaboration. Desktop To-do notes for each new event, like OTA bookings come in, booking change requests made via the mobile hotel app, etc., so you are always informed and no task is left unattended.

Mobile check-in on a tablet or a smartphone so that you are not tied to the reception desk. Simply meet guests as they arrive and check them in on a comfy sofa, just like a home welcoming.

Mobile housekeeping. Live Housekeeping monitor that shows room status in real time so communication between departments is always going and you get even more opportunities for extra profit like early check-in, for example.

Cloud technology is reshaping the Hotel Industry. Advantages of this new technology for Hotels;

  • It is Cost efficient
  • It generates new and renewed Revenue streams
  • Improved effectiveness among all Hotel team members
  • Improved Customer Partnership


With the shift in how digital travel shopper consumes travel content, it provides a profound opportunity for Hotel marketers to connect with them through an integrated strategy that accounts for behavior at all stages of the booking journey, from inspiration to final purchase.

Hotels must rise to the occasion and put themselves forward as a new alternative for new and renewed customers. And it is not so much about Social Media and New Media, but it is about embracing a new culture that nurtures Customer Partnerships.


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