Is your Hotel asking: How much innovation is needed to meet our Hotels growth objectives? Truly innovative Hotels can deliver a consistent stream of market successes via successful customer performance and products or improved processes that continuously translate market successes into unique value experiences that enhance competitive advantage and sustains growth.

Make Your Hotel Room Better than Home

Hotels face a multitude of challenges today. From research data three challenges stand out;

  • The dominance of Online Travel Agencies
  • Economic performance and its impact on a local community
  • Competition from sharing economy which entails Airbnb

Typically, we see concern like Online Travel Agencies is investing in heavily into retargeting, customer experience and user interface. The common response is that Hotels are just not able to compete.

Tax and regulations are often mentioned as challenges within the sharing economy.

Though customers in all segments value price, reputation, room quality, and location when choosing a Hotel, these basics merely cover the cost of entry in today’s competitive hotel industry, and they offer no guarantees for customer retention.

To achieve sustainable, long-term growth, Hotels must develop a deep understanding of the type of customers they want to attract, then offer a valuable experience that is tailored to that specific group.

By becoming more attuned to the preferences of current and potential guests in their segment, Hotel brand can more accurately target and build meaningful, lasting relationships with them.

Hotels today learn more about customer perceptions and pattern. There is more than enough knowledge and quality in the Hotel Industry to create a favorable shift towards making your Hotel Room better than Home.

Samsung helps Hotels with blending innovation with affordability. They understand how to turn new advanced technology into a customer experience.

Profiting from personalization

Samsung primary focus on a personal touch pays off in the bottom line.

58 percent of customers say a Hotel’s ability to personalize their experience using their purchase history positively influenced their choice, and 49 percent say the same about being personally recognized at all reference points.

In addition, 56 percent cite high-tech features in the guestroom such as mobile keys and in-room tablets as draws, confirming that guests see technology as important enablers of a 21st-century travel experience.

The journey toward creating a “customer for life” lays in adding unique values at each reference pout. Beyond the factors guests require from all Hotels — quality, convenience, price, and brand reputation — Hoteliers must carefully examine their target segment for cues on how to entice new customers.

Samsung products enable Hoteliers to turn any guest room into a smart Hotel room with a range of innovative solutions. A hotel with a cable infrastructure can create the custom, personalized brand experiences their guests crave with easy-to-use and manage Smart TV products — and save money in the process.

A smart Hotel room can get even smarter with features such as wireless integration with in-room controls and development platforms that enable popular features like video on demand, digital video recording and mobile device integration that makes it easy to add exciting third-party applications as they emerge.

It is all about enabling Hotels to deliver frictionless, technology abled customer performances.

Hotels need to be at the forefront of technology innovation to keep up with consumer demand.

Innovative growth technology

Travelers today, whether for business or pleasure, rely on their smartphones for everything, from staying in touch with family and friends to monitoring bookings and even doing work.

It’s obvious then that future Hotel technology trends will focus strongly on the mobile experience to drive engagement with customers and increase revenue growth.

Getting the customer to book a room is a big step, but having done so, it’s important to remember that future Hotel technology trends suggest businesses should double down on the mobile experience by creating interesting and engaging content through their own apps.

Hotels don’t create memorable customer experiences simply by investing in the “technology of the day” and expecting to see results. It’s essential to carefully consider your target demographic as well as your Hotel’s technology infrastructure and capability to support the technology.

New innovative technologies are an integrated process. Employees and customer experiences will drive the next Hotel trends.

Use technology to help your Hotel to address customer perceptions and patterns. It is the only way to stay on top of your game.

Embrace innovative growth and be open to new ideas outside the traditional Hotel Marketing box.

If your Hotel need help to put it all together then make sure to let us know.


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A special thanks to @SamsungBizUSA. Samsung help you create wonderful guest experiences, from the moment they walk through your door to the memories they will take away. Samsung hospitality technology is designed for guest comfort and hotel staff efficiency from check-in to personalized in-room experiences with an at-home feel.

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