Digital Transformation Partnerships for Hotels

Why Digital Transformation Partnerships for Hotels?


digital transformation market growth by 2025


of revenue growth reported by digital mature brands


increase in engagement where technology supports employees at work


increase in productivity by connecting the customer experience with the employee experience

Digital Transformation Partnerships Programs for Hotels

Digital Transformation Journey

Your hotel's digital transformation journey starts with learning what you have and become more thankful.

Digital Transformation Partnership

Building relationships and making friends first. Creating a system for hotels were people and technology work in harmony.

Start unlocking new potentials helping people with the confidence to act. Creating a system that recognizes people for their intellectual and emotional worth, building trust and inspiring voluntary cooperation.

Social Media Partnership

Achieving tangible results by combining creative competence with the confidence to act.

Digital Content Partnership
Digital Community Partnership

Collaborate with employees, customers, and the community to reduce friction. Create a system that identifies the factors of disproportionate influence for your hotel.

5 Star Thanks

Create unprecedented value that opens a new value-cost frontier. Differentiate with a thankful portal with digital thanks. Measure what your hotel gives.

Digital Transformation Checklist


Start the digital transformation process
  • What does your hotel have?
  • Identify the right place to start with the right team


Identify the current digital state of your hotel
  • Plotting your hotel Pioneer-Migrator-Settler map
  • Settler – Me-too value (value imitation)
  • Migrator – Value improvement over competition
  • Pioneer – Unprecedented value (value innovation)
  • Strategic groups within the hotel industry
  • Chain of customers
  • Complementary product and service offerings
  • A functional and emotional appeal to customers
  • Time
  • Gratitude



Where do your hotel want to be?
  • Identify your hotel’s “hidden” pain points
  • Define noncustomers
  • Why are they not booking your hotel?
  • Define the three ties of noncustomers (soon-to-be, refusing, and unexplored)
  • Identify a new uncontested market


Create a Tipping Point leadership strategy canvas
  • Identify your hotel’s major value drivers
  • Identify values from the customer’s perspective
  • Make all details understandable
  • Rate your hotel services and products attributes (room, amenities, location, ambiance, staff, breakfast, parking, booking, cost-benefits)


Draw your hotel's digital transformation journey
  • Reimagine and redefine your hotel market boundaries
  • Define alternative experiences


Create a four-action framework

Which factors that your hotel takes for granted should be eliminated


Which factors should be reduced well below your hotel’s standard?



Which factors should be raised well above your hotel’s standards?


Which factors that your hotel never offered should be created?


Make your move
  • Implement
  • Practice and test
  • Optimize
Digital Transformation Partnership


Creating uncontested markets for your hotel
Reimagine the future of your hotel business. Learn how to break away from the crowd while simultaneously reducing your costs, which creates a new path of growth.
Making competition irrelevant
Learn how value innovation creates a shift towards differentiation and low costs and achieve a competitive advantage for your hotel.
Capture and create new demand
Learn how to understand and get new insight from who your hotel’s non-customers are and how to unlock them.
Break the value-cost trade-off
Learn how to effectively create a leap in value for employees, customers, the community, and the hotel through the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low costs.
Align the digital transformation framework with your hotel's activities in pursuit of differentiation and low-cost
Through value innovation, your hotel will learn what to eliminate and reduce as you do what to raise and create. This value innovation approach allows your hotel’s digital transformation framework to leapfrog the competition, creating a positive buzz – especially online – that attracts not just new customers but raving fans.
Social Media Partnership


Social media is about collaborating and involving employees and customers in new strategic decisions that affect them by soliciting their input and allowing them to refute the merits of one another’s ideas and assumptions. It is key to communicate respect for individuals and their points of view. This will result in more effective decisions and genuine commitment from everyone involved in execution.
Ensure that everyone involved and affected understands why the final strategic decisions are made. An explanation of the rationale supports confidence among all the people involved, and that their ideas and input have been considered. This principle serves as a powerful opportunity to learn and help to learn. Employees, customers, and the local community want hotels to work with them. Engagement and explanation sets the foundation for this.
Expectation Clarity
Requires that after the social media strategy is set the new rules of the game must be clearly stated. If you started in the spirit of collaboration and partnership with people through the engagement and explanation principles, they would take ownership of the new rules of the game. When people clearly understand expectations, political jockeying and favoritism are minimized, and everyone involved can focus on executing the social media strategy rapidly.
Content Partnership


Expanding people's horizons and guiding them
Enabling a new perspective of what could be with your hotel creatives. Expanding people’s horizons to ensure you are looking in the right direction with your creativity. Lift employee, customer, and community value by raising and creating elements your hotel never offered before.
Inspire people and build their confidence
Break down your hotel’s creativity into small, concrete steps that move people forward in increments that inspire and build their confidence.
Build on people's creative competence
Implementing a system that is built creative frameworks. These frameworks provide the specifics of what it takes to create and re-create markets. Ignite content that builds trust, enables people to relax and inspires commiment and voluntary cooperation.


Creating As-Is canvases on how employees, customers, and the community currently see your hotel.
Understanding when the confidence to act and creative competence meets.
Creating To-Be canvases that identifies.

  • Best place to start
  • Clarity
  • Uncover hidden pain points
  • Reconstruction of your hotel’s market boundaries
  • Implementing transformational shifts with speed and small incremental dips


Write it
Write down what you as a hotelier and your team are grateful for.
Picture it
Take a picture of what you as a hotelier and your team are grateful for.
Share it
Share your gratitude with your friends, family, team, and community.
Celebrate it

Celebrate all the small rewards from your daily gratitude.

Let’s partner up and get started with transforming your hotel

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