Hospitality Growth Through Digital Transformation and AI Innovations

The Hotel AI Journey

Digital Transformation for Hotels

Introducing Are Morch – Digital Transformation Coach a proud Ambassador for Cloudbeds, the ultimate all-in-one hospitality platform.

From seamless online bookings to automated guest communication, Cloudbeds empowers you to reach new heights of success in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity! Take your business to the next level with Are Morch and Cloudbeds today. Embrace the future of hospitality and embark on a journey of growth like never before. 

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All In One Hospitality Platform
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AI for Hotels

As an IBM Applied AI Professional and agent at Quicktext, I’m proud to represent the leading AI and big data SuperAPP in hospitality. Our AI chatbot, Velma, is transforming the guest experience in 76 countries, driving revenue, and unlocking new value from data for the global hotel industry.

AI and big data are reshaping the hotel industry, improving data management, and enabling personalized guest experiences.

Chatbots, powered by AI, automate interactions, providing instant, tailored customer service.

This technology-driven approach boosts sales and marketing effectiveness, while offering valuable insights for strategic decision-making, enhancing both efficiency and guest satisfaction.


Unleash your hotel brand’s potential on social media. Engage and captivate your audience through strategic content, personalized campaigns, and cutting-edge AI technology.

I embrace AI to analyze guest preferences, optimize ad targeting, and predict trends, ensuring your marketing efforts are always ahead of the curve.

Boost your online presence, drive bookings, and revolutionize guest experiences with AI-powered insights and automation. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity! Elevate your brand to new heights.


Dive into our Creative Content Management for hotels, where storytelling meets innovation.

We embrace AI to empower your hotel’s narrative, crafting unique, engaging content that captivates guests and elevates their experience.

From personalized recommendations to data-driven marketing strategies, AI fuels creativity and enhances guest interaction.

Embrace this chance to redefine your brand, set new standards in hospitality, and unlock the full potential of your hotel’s story through AI-powered growth.



Social Media Landscape Analysis

Starting with a comprehensive review of your current social media presence to pinpoint areas for enhancement and opportunities for storytelling.

Content Strategy Blueprint

Crafting a content calendar that merges social media trends with your hotel’s unique offerings, ensuring a steady stream of engaging and relevant posts.

Innovative Content Production

Generating original content that captures the essence of your hotel, from captivating visuals to compelling narratives, tailored to engage and inspire your audience.

Strategic Posting Schedule

Timely scheduling and posting of 15 meticulously designed posts per month to maintain a dynamic and engaging social media presence.

Community Engagement Initiative

Active weekly management.

Social Media Concierge

A dedicated social media manager will oversee your strategy.

Performance Insight Reports

Detailed monthly reports providing insights into engagement metrics, content performance, and strategic recommendations for ongoing optimization.



Boost Your Direct Bookings and Supercharge Your Customer Relationships

Velma chatbot on your site means more direct bookings, generating $579M in leads for sales teams in 2023

Ramp Up Your Conversion Game and Say Goodbye to Mundane Tasks

Velma handles 85% of inquiries in 34 languages, increasing conversions, streamlining tasks, and reducing operational costs

Elevate Your Online Presence and Marketing Mojo

Conversation insights from Velma optimize your website and marketing, enhancing online visibility and direct booking through SEO.

AI Adoption Journey

Leverage AI for insights, process enhancement, and better user experience. We guide you to the ideal AI solution.

IBM Applied AI Professional

Gain specialized AI knowledge and a strategic partner attuned to your critical business needs with our support.

AI Transformation Expertise

Expert guidance for confident AI implementation: Boost efficiency, enhance customer experience, and unlock innovation in your business.