Are your Hotel frustrated with Social Media Marketing and experience no results from your time and efforts? You are not alone! But hang in the truth is that there are some simple yet very effective secrets to how a Social Media Community will help Hotels growing faster than their competition.

Yes, Hotels can scale their influence and revenue through a Social Media Community!

I will be upfront and honest with your Hotel. You have to hold your end of the bargain. These secrets require that you actively participate and execute within the Social Media Community.

If your Hotel prefers to throw Social spaghetti in your Social Media feeds this is not for you.


Why are Social Media Communities so important?

Have you ever noticed that certain brands seem to be able to generate Social buzz over and over again?

There is an abundance of fans that always like, comment, share, have engaging dialogs with others asking questions and post answers within the brands feed.

This is no coincidence; the brand has understood the value of fostering a community on its brands Social Media feed.

These brands have discovered the secret of building meaningful Social Media Communities that focus on the value proposition, transparency, and humanness.

The community enables Hotels to get a deeper insight into the customer they should connect with.

Facebook has over the last year made several changes that made it more challenging for a Hotels Business Page to acquire a wider organic reach.

The solutions lay in joining a dedicated Facebook Group for Hotels.

Social Media Communities goes beyond volume or numbers

A Social Media Community will consist of a group of people who have something in common.

Customers that participate in communities that add expectational value to their experience feel a unique sense of belongs. This is where they connect with your Hotel and others in the community.

And a strong thriving Social Media Community will look out for your Hotel. Smart Hotels can identify influencers, brand advocates and brand ambassadors in the community.

With time Hotels can appoint the most valuable brand ambassadors with more responsibility and promote them as community moderators.

This allows your Hotel to develop unique relationships of core values that is beneficial for both parts.

Collaborations are the new key driver for growth

What really drives Hotel revenue and growth with Social Media Marketing is the emerging collaboration that exists within a Social Media Community.

Facebook Groups provides some unique tools that help us streamline the experience for everyone that participates in the group.

Social Media Communities built on the right values and principles will be filled with people that are eager to post questions and answers about your Hotels service and products.

You can’t leave it up to the community to be in full control of your Hotels Customer performance. You have to do your part and educate the community on your Hotels products and service. And also make sure you provide an appropriate response when required.

For Hotels that understand this Social Media community will become the holy grail of customer retention.

Reputation Management will determine your performance

You have to listen and participate in the community. And ensure that happiness, transparency, and humanness is what thrives in community.

When participating in communities, being transparent and letting your audience know about your Hotel is important. Typically, it’s easier to establish credibility when you show the face behind your profile and activities instead of being elusive.

Start influence the conversation – today Hotel brands don’t control what’s said about them online, but you can influence it by implementing Reputation Management into your Social Media Framework.

Reputation Management helps you identify what is valuable to the community. Your Hotel care and must be as transparent as possible.

The Social Media Community will help with humanness and transparency and build a protective shield that will secure integrity, privacy, security and assist with concerns.

Many Hotels implement strategic chatbot messages with their Community that creates a unique personalized experience.

From a Social Media Consultant’s standpoint, the Social Media Community can offer Hotels a one-stop-shop for managing their Social Media marketing such as the community infrastructure, database, listening functionality, profile management, collaboration, content marketing and management, and of course, the analytics.

A Social Media Community will help your Hotel to grow smarter and faster when you focus on the value proposition and collaborate in effective ways.

If your Hotel need help to put it all together then make sure to let us know.

With the right team behind your Social Media efforts, it can become cost-effective and generate a new revenue stream for your Hotel.


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