EcoTourism Hoteliers Why Go Green

Ecological concerns are greatly increasing forcing both government bodies and non-government organizations to act on saving the environment. The rise of consumer concern over products that are affecting nature has led many hotels to change and adapt a greener lifestyle. Through achieving customer satisfaction, hotels stand to gain competitive advantages over their adversaries and also achieve their goals and visions.

Eco-conscious travelers looking for the best holiday destinations

Utilization of social networks and creating an internet marketing strategy is essential, especially if one is considering reaching a vast number of hoteliers. Always consider the links that you’re spreading, as this may happen to be more harmful than the beneficiary to the hotel. Avoid constantly sharing the hotels booking page and start focusing on sharing links to eco-friendly projects created by the hotel. Going green is a smart move for hoteliers as it clearly shows eco-conscious travelers looking for the best destinations that they care for the well-being of the environment.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a content quality shared over social media or the internet should be of superb quality with sufficient and credible resources. Hotels could also use social media such as Instagram to share videos of the green products offered by the hotel or simply a green project plan involving consumers interested in the best travel destinations. This will be greatly effective as the mission involves hoteliers, and through this, word will spread.

Through a hotel’s webpage, they could advertise the green activities and plans while also giving hoteliers clues on what form of green products they are likely to find. Some hotels usually encourage groups to participate and also welcome suggestions on how to make the hotel greener to attract eco-conscious travelers looking for the best travel destinations.

For green marketing on the internet to be effective, we need to consider its relationship with consumer purchase behavior. There are four major elements of the marketing mix; product, promotion, price, and placement. A hotel should consider waste disposal and hazardous content in products major factors that influence consumers. Consumers show much satisfaction towards eco-friendly products; this gives them a positive opinion about the cooperation and a recent study has shown that consumers are likely to trust the reliability of the hotels’ product.

Through green product development, hotels and inns would standardize production and manage waste materials concerning their effect on nature. Green marketing also has reuse and recycle process where waste materials are used once again to reduce material usage in the hospitality industries. They could also appeal to more customers through a webpage where they can leave their reviews and comments. This will help both clients and hotel managers in finding out what the hotel offers in terms of eco-friendliness and help to identify where they could improve on, respectively

Due to the rise in awareness towards preservation of the natural environment, Governments and societies have started making changes that would prevent a harmful impact by the introduction of product certification and strictly advising companies to comply with the rules and laws.

Hoteliers would also be advised to improve on the efforts shown as a hotel towards the preservation of nature and also towards decreasing any environmental risk. Most hotels are also practicing greenwashing, this may give hoteliers a bad reputation. Greenwashing is a process whereby a hotel or company deceives consumers by labeling their product as green yet during its production, no effort has been made towards the conservation of the environment.


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