Blog World and New Media Expo 2011 was this year set for Los Angeles, California.

This event opens an abundance of opportunities to network in real life (IRL) with friends you connect with through various Social Networks.

I put my primary focus to network and ask questions from some of my awesome mentors, Social Networking Connectors, Mavens and friends that are willing to share quality information.

All of these network friends possess one common quality, they provide servant leadership. Asking them quality questions about positive growth and how they handled roadblocks gave me some unique insight.

I got to talk with Lara Kulpa – Community Manager and Deborah Ng from Blog World and New Media Expo.

And I took time to express a request for a Hospitality Track for next year.

Some of the quality mentors I got to meet was;

Chris Brogan

Are Morch and Chris Brogan

Chris had a session with Guy Kawasaki on Google+ for business. G+ will become an important player in the Social Media sphere. Google+ has now officially released their business model. This will make an impact on upcoming articles and Social Networking strategies.

Mari Smith

Are Morch and Mari Smith

Mari Smith shared ideas and strategies with us from her new book The New Relationship Marketing. I always enjoy listing Mari when she gives a presentation, she tends to over-deliver. One of the most interesting aspects she brought up is that tomorrows leaders will be emotionally intelligent leaders. It is all about servant leadership, and learn how to give with no agenda.

Peter Shankman and Amber Naslund were among keynote speakers the first day.

Peter Shankman was able to spark engagement with his witty and exciting appearance. He shared with us the importance of being relevant to your audience.

Amber Naslund provided a really well organized and valuable session. She shared with us an incredible view of being a wayfarer. It was all about embracing the unique opportunities we are provided with today and be part of the solutions.

Sessions I participated on was with some great Mavens like Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, John Haydon, Chris Garrett, Sonia Simone and Amy Portfield.

Michael and Amy focused on growth strategies, both provided elements from their books. Michael provided us with some ideas on how to launch Social Media Strategies to rapidly grow our business. Amy provided us with a great workshop on How to Create a successful Facebook Page to increase authority, collecting hot leads, and drive quality traffic to your blog. Both these session provided great value that we can apply into Hotel settings.

John Haydon, Danielle Brigida, and Stacy Monk provided a really awesome non-profit session. The Ultimate Zombie Survival Kit for Social Media DoGooders really touched my heart. Through passion, love and a great heart we can make some real difference through helping fundraiser like And Gideon, Leah, and Mama Lucy showed us real proof of how their work has impacted kids in Tanzania.

Sonia Simone and Chris Garrett gave us some insight on the difference between a Tribe and a business. This was an interesting keynote session. Chris was one of my first blog mentors and I was participating in his Authority Blogger Forum, and I have his brilliant Authority Blogger program. One of the fun things Chris shared with us was that he told us that if you don’t get hate emails, you’re not trying hard enough. Sonia brought us great points on building a tribe is based on your passion and how you frame this passion.

Are Morch and Sonia Simone

Some of the great friends I got to network with this year beside the people already mentioned was Naomi Twrower, Kristi Hines, Elijah Young and Bub Dunn.

Of course, I got to meet some of the creative Travel and Tourism minds. Thanks to Sheila Scarborough and Becky McGray from Tourism Currents for making this a special event. And it was great to meet one of my friends from the Hotel Family – Toni Jacaruso.

I am not sure how well this move to LA really resonated with all bloggers. No doubt that bloggers are a growing market segment, and it is important to reach out to this market segment. But in my opinion, the main purpose of Blog World is pretty much as my friend Mari Smith describes in her new book to start to develop or improve your relationship marketing skills.

Attendees on this major events include both novice blogger, intermediate blogger, advanced bloggers and professional bloggers. We all have valuable information to share with each other.

This is where we really get a backstage pass to new trends, new ideas, and inspirations and discover what engagement is really about.

I had the opportunity to participate in Blog Work and New Media Expo last year in Las Vegas. Here the excitement of blogging really got under your skin. The intimate and vibrant atmosphere got us in a really exciting and joyful mood. There was tweetups, networking groups, ad-hoc hallway meetings. And you got to navigate between a session and bump into someone you wanted to chat with, without feeling you had missed out on something.

Personally, I missed some of this feeling this year in Los Angeles. Though it was a really great event, and I am really happy been in LA I missed the WoW experience this year.

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. This was a new experience for all of us. And the great Blog World and New Media Expo team I know encourage constructive feedback. The lineup of speakers was really great.

The exhibit had some great exhibitors. My favorite exhibit came from my friends at Headway Themes (*affiliate link). I can’t wait to redesign my blog when Headway Theme 3.0 is released 11/25/2011. (PS. Licences bought before the upgrade will be grandfathered under current price.) A special thanks to Grant Griffiths and his team.

Next year I hope to see more attendees and speakers from the Hotel Family.

One great experience this year was a partnership and sponsor opportunity provided by Invitation Consultants. Visit their blog for some fabulous event ideas.

Will I meet you next year in LA?