Social CRM is the trend

Customer Centric for Travel 2011 was organized by EyeForTravel and Marco Saio.

Customer Centric An approach to doing business in which a company focuses on creating a positive consumer experience at the point of sale and post-sale. A customer-centric approach can add value to a company by differentiating themselves from competitors who do not offer the same experience.

With Social CRM (Consumer Relationship Management) we add in one additional element which is to capture the pre-sale point. This will allow us to capture our consumers wants and needs in new unique ways.

Geoff Lewis from TopGuest described this as the evolution from Physical => Digital => Social Touch points. Consumers now want to find new ways to share their product / service experiences with Social friends. TopGuest is a unique concept where you can earn real loyalty points automatically when you check in with FourSquare or Facebook Places.

Some innovative software products was also presented. SAS for Hotels focused on the analytics and monitoring your brand reputation. Libra OnDemand focused on Cloud developments that creates the ideal solution seamless connectivity and integration with other hospitality systems.

Carnival Cruises, Delta and Marriott focused on strategic email marketing. The trend is to provide Social Touch points in your email marketing to capture consumer engagements.

Google Travel provided data that showed that search on Mobile has increased 12000%! And search engines are the number one planning resource for travelers. Consumer is now utilizing videos to create their dream vacation. And consumers utilize Google Trends to watch and capture new trends.

Josiah Mackenzie from digged into the ‘chaos’ of Social Media. How do we analyze cross-posting where a message is posted on GoWalla and then sent to Twitter and Facebook?  Social Media user on the different Social Networks interpret the message different. Twitter is the Hyper active ADD community where things move fast, and you have to provide the right message to the right audience at the right time. Facebook is more the Water cooler where there is more room for creative engagement with consumers.

Josiah Mackenzie also is an industry analyst for ReviewPro a new Hotel Reputation Management System. This system utilize the principles of Social CRM and brings you the data that will help make a difference in a new market.

Creating Listening Outposts is crucial to manage Social CRM. Cloud Management is the future of Social CRM. Providing proper Social Response related to concerns or topics in real time is what is required for the Social Consumers.

Social CRM opens for new and unique ways to build brand equity. With proper empowerment tools in place encourage your employees to build their own brand as joint venture partnership with your main brand. Frank Eliason best know from Comcast Cares now at Citibank, Scott Monty from Ford and Chip Conley from Joie de Vivre are some great examples how you can extend Social CRM through a personal brand within your brand.

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