It is time for Hotels to start taking advantage of the biggest opportunity in decades to optimize new edgy Hotel Strategies. Experience is the secret juice that makes customer open their tech wallets.

The shift from loyalty to experience

A research report from Oracle Hospitality shows that Hotels to a large degree believe that guests are very engaged in loyalty programs.

The same research indicates that millennials are more loyal to Hotels in general than more Hotelier anticipated.

But the interesting aspect of this and what Hotels need to pay attention too is that;

  • 61% think a loyalty program based on experience rather than points-based rewards would be appealing

A research from Expedia shows that;

  • 74% of Americans are shifting towards placing value on experience, rather than things

And the key elements of this research indicate that Americans is saving for a unique travel experience.

The customer is looking Instagrammable micro-moments they can share taking a picture, shooting a video or capturing the moment while Live streaming.

How can Hotels optimize the Instagrammable micro-moments in their favor?

Brian Chesky is the CEO of the ultimate experience creator today – Airbnb. He recently shared some data points indicating that three in four millennials rather buy an experience than physical goods.

If Hotels can grasp and understand this, it is the first step to jump on the experience train. Cause the train is already moving at a fair pace. When it reaches full steam, it will be too late.

An Affordable Luxury Experience

As Hotelier we have to embrace innovation and creativity beyond the traditional scope of customer service. Many Hotels has for years embraced that above and beyond customer service impact the experience, reviews, loyalty, and retention.

Creative innovation today goes beyond things like painting the room or fill the room with new sets of amenities.

The customer wants to experience something new and discover local nuggets that are not found in any guidebook.

And more than anything all data today shows customer prefer convenience and simplicity.

Customer will seek an affordable luxury experience that makes dreams comes true.

The question becomes are Hotels capable of delivering this type of experience today?

Well, the answer is YES! But it requires a cultural shift for Hotels and starts gathering key insights by exploring the new journeys customers now is seeking.

If your Hotel discovers the key data for the new customer journey and embraces the shift through creative innovation you will able to transform and start providing an affordable luxury experience.

Creative Innovation

First, your Hotel needs to decide if the data you identified should be eliminated, reduced, raised or created.

Airbnb wants to create an adventure of a lifetime for their customers. This is why Hotels need to start creating an affordable luxury experience.

Hotels need to take advantage of the unique offerings that exist in the local community. Identify new ground for collaborating with locals.

Start triggering the dreams that exist and provide an affordable experience that incorporates local values with your Hotel values.

To achieve this, you have to start identifying what you can eliminate, raise and reduce.

How can you creatively deliver factors that you eliminate, raise and reduce while lowering costs?

The key is to focus on the elements that are new to your Hotel.

Experiences, which offers customer activities hosted by locals like a photography workshop or a cooking class are key drivers for the next opportunity for Hotels.

A study shows that Airbnb now is more beneficial to the local economy than chain Hotels. Airbnb doesn’t collaborate with local businesses to make sure their customers are taken well care of.

They promote and tell stories that add unique values to the local experience.

Just make sure you get stuck on the train perrong watching the experience train take off.

Are your Hotel willing to start thinking outside the traditional box?

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