Are you a college student and you would like to create lifetime memories with friends? Just travel! Traveling is an excellent way of offloading and enjoying life after a tedious school year and a nerve-wracking exam. So, whatever your college puts on your schedule, always spare time to simply travel. It could be a one-day trip or a summer vacation- anything to give you a chance to explore the world.

The good thing is that it is easier for a student to organize and book a flight itinerary due to the many students’ offers available as well as their flexible schedules and tons of energy. Here are some fun things to do with college pals on a college trip:

Indulge in leisure activities or take a stab at something new

Explore your interest and pursue your creativity. Try out a new instrument, for example. Hone your photography skills as you have fun. Depending on which city you decide to visit, do some research before traveling to find out what the city is known for. Some cities boast a lot of karaoke bars or nice bowling bars, in which you could have the time of your life.

Go for a bike ride

You are traveling for fun, right? Biking is a brilliant group exercise. Rent bikes in a camp; get out and do some exercise as you explore the host city’s hidden treasures. You might even want to add an electric bike motor to this traditional bicycle to liven up the experience and make it more adventurous.

Spend some time on the water

Visit a close-by beach or lake for water-related activities. Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or rafting are great ideas. You can even run with your friends along a pleasant waterfront. Turning this into a contest will make it more interesting.

Visit a theme park

Have a go at everything, no exemptions, and no expectations. From cotton candy, merry-go-round, shooting games, riding on roller coasters, to water rides. Name them! Make sure to also search online for theme parks, as most of the time they offer discounts for students. You could get a ticket with full coverage at a very affordable price.

Take part in a good cause

Do a good deed together- as a family. The world is brimming with underprivileged children, endangered plant species, and threatened animals. Find them, help them. This way, you get to see new places, mingle with different local people, make friends, and do something good for the world.

Go hiking together as a group

Hiking and climbing are mind-blowing when done in groups. Head into the woods; spend time together in some fresh autumn air on a soothing stroll through nature. Lace-up your hiking boots and explore beautiful mountains and green spaces. Just in case you are feeling competitive, compete on who reaches the peak first.

Explore your city or new urban communities

Do you really know the cities around you? Try a walking tour now that you are in the company of your college mates. It’s time to learn about the secret gems and historical landmarks that you may not have appreciated before. To better find out about the real fun places that you could feel the local culture, try socializing with local people and ask them about the fun places they usually go to.

It would be even more exciting to see foreign places that you have never visited before. While there, you could rent a car and enjoy road trips with your friends. Just keep in mind that when outside the country, you will need an international driver’s license to be able to get around the city.

Enjoy great music at an outdoor concert

Great fall weather presents the prospect to enjoy live music outdoors. Put together an outdoor concert in a park. The concert may feature bands, food, and drinks, games, crafts, giveaways, etc. With this, you’ll be able to sit back and revel in a night of music and socializing.

Invite a challenge

Another fun way to make your trip more interesting is by asking your friends to come up with a challenge, especially the newly acquired friends from your host city/town. If you are visiting Brazil, play beach football with the locals. Dance to Jamaican dancehall tunes with the locals if you are tripping through the Caribbean.

Go camping

Summertime, for instance, is ideal for exploring the great outdoors. But still, whichever time you opt to travel, you can pitch a tent or rent a cabin; just to connect with nature. Have a bonfire to illuminate the occasion and expound the fun. The experience of sharing foods and drinks, flying kites, and sleeping under the stars with friends is mind-blowing.

Utilize unusual means of transport

Choose a means of transport you haven’t used before e.g. a tuk-tuk in Mumbai or a Boda Boda in Nairobi.


In whatever you do when traveling with college friends, try to be creative. Remember to make videos for all the activities you take part in, landscapes, nature, and the local people. Try new foods and document everything. Compile short videos into one movie; you can add the songs you listened to along the way to spice it up.

Finally, remember to bring home some souvenirs. You never know- this could be the only time you will be traveling with this group of friends.

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