If you have just started your own home inspection business, you will know that it’s difficult to penetrate the market. There are likely other home inspectors in the area who already have an established reputation and client base.

With that said, it’s entirely possible to break into your local home inspection market. You just need a certain set of skills and a healthy dose of dedication. You also need the ability to sell yourself, your current skill set, and the experience you have acquired.

Maximizing perceived value is another way for both newcomers and long-standing home inspectors to improve their chances of acquiring clients. For the uninitiated, “perceived value” is where a customer evaluates the qualities of a product or service. The better the perceived value, the higher the fees you can charge for your home inspection service.

Yet how do you improve perceived value? From offering free goodies to using home inspection software, here are some methods to maximize your company’s perceived value.

Understand the Market

Before anything else, you need to conduct thorough research into the local market you’re targeting. By doing so, you will gain an understanding of the competition, what clients are looking for, and the type of pricing structure to put into place.

To help with this research, it’s important to build a rapport with local real estate agents. They will be full of relevant knowledge about the home market. Also, look at online reviews assessing your competition. This will paint an accurate picture of the perceived value clients are receiving and how you can surpass it with your business.

Establish a Digital Presence

This is the digital age. People are constantly connected to the Internet, with the US population spending an average of 142 minutes on their smartphones each day. As a result, you need a strong digital presence. When prospective customers search for local home inspectors, your business should be among the top results.

To start, a dedicated website is essential. This should be available 24/7, which means homebuyers can find your business at whatever time they decide to browse. A website is also cost-effective and can also be utilized to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise. Regarding the latter, this could be covered with regular blog posts that are packed with useful information.

Social media pages should soon follow. All of your targets will be on the likes of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so you need to join them. When posting content on these social channels, remember to maintain a professional and confident approach.

Also, try and be punctual when replying. The digital era brings an expectation that businesses are available to communicate with at all times, so try and meet this expectation as best as possible.

Visibility in the Real World

Along with having a presence in the digital world, you also need to have one in the real world. You need to show your face and forge professional connections with valuable clients.

To do this, join networking groups and local events. Pass your business card out to people around your town or city. Just remember that if someone shows interest, always follow through. If you follow up with every potential lead, this demonstrates a level of care and attention — qualities that boost that perceived value.

Becoming a Well-Oiled Machine

The better your business performs, the better the service you can provide. Then with increased service levels, your company will have greater perceived value.

To enhance your performance and become a well-oiled machine, it is highly recommended you go with a home inspection software package. This covers many different components of your business, including management, scheduling, communication, and the automation of time-consuming tasks. All of this benefits the quality of your business, and ultimately the quality of service provided.

Provide Clients with a Freebie

If you want to add value, there’s one incredibly easy way of doing this: offer your clients a complimentary item as part of the home inspection.

Although there’s one tricky question that needs answering when going with a freebie: what do you give to someone as a home inspector? It’s not exactly a business that is swimming in ideas as far as relevant products go. Plus offering random promotional goodies such as pens or tote bags is not going to do much to raise that perceived value.

There is one example, however, which could work: a free book. If you provide them with a home-related book — such as one with continued home maintenance tips — this will be appreciated by clients. The value of the book will also be perceived as more than what you paid for, especially if you produce it or bulk buy it from an external supplier.


Your perceived value is one of the most effective indicators as to how much you can squeeze out of a client. If customers are judging your perceived value as being above the amount of money you’re charging, this allows you to raise the prices for your services.

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