Establish your Hotel business where your customers spend their time – on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Business Page

It all starts with the foundation.

Your Hotels foundation on Facebook starts with creating a Business Page that let you get discovered and connect with people. With a Facebook Business Page, you can communicate directly with your customers, and help them learn more about your Hotel.

This is also a unique platform for customer performance and telling visual stories.


Stories are the pillars of your Business Page.

Inspirations arrive from an active community that shares their unique experiences about your Hotel.

Your Hotel must be in your communities radar when they look for accommodations in your neck of the woods.

Showcase magical experiences

Utilize every micro-moment to showcase a magical experience.

Magical experiences are what brings real fuel to your Hotels community and customers inspiration.

Embrace the journey

Follow principles like “Live – Love – Travel”. Make customers enjoy their experience like a local. What type of activities will add extraordinary value to their experience?

Be authentic

Don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the water. You will be surprised to learn how many quality storytellers you will find within your team.

You are not required to provide quality stock photos or a Hollywood script to deliver a story that will capture your community or customers’ attention.

Imperfect actions will connect with your audience. The extraordinary micro-moments often is capture through imperfect actions and being authentic.

Generate unique awareness

Allow your Facebook Business Page to be dynamic. Change your cover photo to reflect a season, event or special milestones. Tell a story that is representative for the unique moment.

A strategic process will allow your Hotel to create hyper-targeted campaigns that convert and generate a unique digital success for your Hotel.

Innovation and simplicity

Utilizing innovation and simplicity are what turn your campaigns into success beyond your imagination.

The most effective Call To Actions all lays in how you present your story.

Don’t overcomplicate or focus on things that will not generate the results your Hotel are looking for.

Ready to start with effective storytelling that generates a magical experience?


Facebook Native Advertising will help Hotels redefine the customer experience. Take advantage of new innovative strategies that will improve your Hotels ROI.

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Try something new it will magnetize your Hotel!

Be flexible and identify new ways to make guests happy.

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