Why Hotels Need Twitter for Surprise and Delight

In today’s world of Social and New Media available at the fingertips of Hotel Customers, they have shifted to new ways to communicate their Hotel experience.

They have taken to channels like Twitter to express thoughts about every little thing that impact their experience.

As these customer messages come in, your Hotel can utilize Twitter to both proactively and reactively manage comments or service questions and provide critical levels of customer service. When done well, successful Social Customer Care provides unique opportunities to:

  • Resolve a customer concerns
  • Surprise and Delight a customer or follower
  • Create brand advocates

The new normal today is not defined by a few brand Tweets or social interactions, but by a renewed focus on compelling customer care through social conversations.

Today’s Hotel customer base is increasingly diverse and seeking new memorable and unique experiences.

To fully maximize the new and diverse aspect of the customer base Hotels will need to focus on a shift that takes advantage of a new fascinating but an extremely unpredictable playground.

On Twitter guests, visitors and customers generate 140 character stories daily that in one way or another impact their own and their community’s perceptions of what is happening.

Information is shared in real time, and almost without exceptions, people anticipate form for real time response or recognition. And the key challenge for many Hotels is that often the information shared is unfiltered and uncensored.

Surprise and Delight a customer or follower

Surprise and Delight is an effective way to balance issues like resolving customer concerns and create brand advocates.

For many Hotel, brands start with the foundations of establishing a Twitter presence.

Remember first impression counts today. It is important that every element of your Hotels Twitter profile showcase your best content and accurately reflect your brand identity.

The true value when someone follows your Hotel on Twitter, they not only opt-in to see your Tweets they also take actions that provide value to your brand

Followers are incredibly valuable to your brand. When they start to follow you on Twitter, they will not only see your Tweets, but they’re also likely to become an advocate and customer.

One important note here even though followers in incredible valuable don’t make the mistake turn your Twitter profile into a numbers game. Your Hotel must take an active part in the ongoing conversations. Becoming part of that active engagement is an awesome way to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and create advocates.

For more advanced strategies, many Hotels has started to implement targeted #hashtags to start and maintain a conversation.

The Importance of Customer Service on Twitter

The Importance of Customer Service on Twitter

Customer Service is among the most important drivers of customer satisfaction. Research has shown that as much as 2/3 of customers with a poor experience reduces their spending with a brand.

Twitter has over 300 Million active monthly users and it is being reported that almost 50% of Social Media users have used Social care. And Twitter has reported that Tweets are targeting at leading brands customer service Twitter usernames are up 2.5X last two years.

Improved Customer Performance

Most brands list “Customer Satisfaction” as one of the primary reasons for offering customer service on Twitter. As much as 85 percent of customers have a satisfactory interaction is likely to recommend the brand to others.

Utilizing Twitter as preemptive service can answer many questions with various forms of content before the customers even ask. Twitter can save up to 80 percent per interaction compared to phone calls.

This is a fundamental shift when proactively engage with customers which yield new targeted for meeting the customer’s needs.

Reviews has become part of a shift in behavior

Customers today spend an increased amount of time on their mobile and smart devices. And a significant portion of that time is spent on Social Networks. They are not only connecting and engaging with large influential communities, but they reach out to brands regularly.

Over 95 percent of consumers say they are influenced by what others say about brands on Social Media.

The customer now expects a brand to available on Twitter, and that they provide timely responses. Customer Service is now 30 percent more important than the brand, and 52 percent more important than the value for the money.

In some cases, it has provided a new challenge for many Hotels where customer expectations have outpaced their capabilities.

Every challenge provides us all with new opportunities. These are challenges I will address and assist within 2017. Our goals together will be to make a new and renewed impact on customer satisfaction, reviews, the overall experience, occupancy and revenue utilizing Social and New Media.


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