Visual Story Telling

10 Ways Visual Story Telling Can Increase Your Hotels Productivity

Visual story telling is primary shared through the use of visual media. Stories today is shared via Images, Photo, Illustrations, and Video. And the story is often enhanced with graphics, music, voice or other audio.

1. Snap Points

Snap Points

Make it easy for your customers to identify valuable Snap Points they can share with their family, friends and Networks. At Disney Theme Parks you will find the Kodak Picture Spot indicating a recommended from to take a photograph.

2. Story Board

Story Board

Storyboards is a very effective way to set up the stories that your Hotel want to share with Customers. Remember one of the keys to success with Social Media is to bring the Hotel Experience to the Customer. And the best way to do so is to indentify values that make the total Hotel Experience stand out.

3. Chat Room

Social Media Chat Room

Social Media Chat Rooms is an excellent source for collecting and providing Visual Stories. Stories often start with exchanging ideas. Join us at #smhotelchat every Wednesday on Twitter from 8:00 – 9:00PM EST.

4. Travel Journey

Travel Journey

Collaborating and Networking with Professional Travel Bloggers is a great way to get insight of their wants and needs.

5. Social Media Hub

Social Media Hub

Professional Business Travelers is seeking new ways to engage and interact with other people. Open your Hotel to vivid Social Media Hub that allows both Professional Business Travelers and locals to meet.

6. Web meetings

Web Meetings

Arrange Webinars or Hangouts to showcase topics that is important to your Hotels Customers.

7. Amenities


Nothing says Hotel Experience as well as Amenities that is unique for the Hotel. This is how Hotels personalize Customers Hotel Experience. New Media brings this opportunity to a new level.

You can either take an easy route with some fun and affordable Giveaways, or you can do as ACME Hotel Company that provide Google Glasses as one of their Amenities.

8. Place Boards

Pinterest Place Boards is great way to embrace your Hotels surroundings to provide your customers with a new type of inspiration. And of course it is ok to Collaborate with Professional Travelers that capture the unique moments.

Follow Gary Arndt’s board Travels in Italy on Pinterest.

Place Pins was designed to allow users to learn about new locations, plan vacations with ease and even share their Pinterest Boards with friends.

9. Instagrams

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share fun Hotel activities with customers through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. You are building Instagram’s to allow your customers experience moments in your Hotels lives through pictures as they happen.

10. Video Tales

Video is a great way to share fun stories with your Hotels customers. Follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple and Short.

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