Are your Hotel engaging with Military Precision?

Yes engagement has a profound strategy element attached to it, just like military Rules Of Engagement (ROE).

When should proper response be used?
Where should proper response be used?
Against whom should you direct these responses?
How should you respond to get the desired outcome?

1. Champion Advocates are your Hotels new ambassadors

Did you know that champion advocates loves to share valuable content in a strategic way through all their Social Networks? Find new and innovate ways to engage and communicate with them. Reward them accordantly, and they will enchant your brand to new levels.

2. Champion Adovates engage

As you see from the infographic here 7 out of 10 marketers have little knowledge of social media conversations surrounding their brand. Social Networking Champion advocates has a large and strong network they engage with. They are consider to be both mavens (trusted expert) and connectors. They are passionate about their network and they engage both with and behalf of your brand with their unique communication talents.

3. Champion Advocates brings their audience

Not only is their network large and strong, but they have a established audience that willing share valuable info they pass on. And more value you are willing to provide to the champion advocate deeper access into their network you will have. Since they also are mavens and connectors they will initiate word (world) of mouth for your Hotel, if you follow the proper principles of networking.

4. Champion advocates are loyal beyond traditional Hotel Membership Programs

Let me start out here with mentioning that I support and love Hotel Membership Programs. And I encourage all my friends to sign up with Membership Programs when it is available for the Hotel they are going to visit. I also love service like my friends at Topguest offers. Here I can use one application to check in with different reward program depending on which Hotel I check into.

Beyond this your Champion Advocates will become one of your most local brand ambassadors. They will continuously support and back up your brand. And they will act as your extended Customer Service aficionado.

You can easily solicit feedback from them when you either launch a new service, or revamp an exciting service. If you open a new Hotel – make sure you invite them as guest of honors.

They will open new doors for your Hotel. Which is crucial since new market segments is continuously evolving.

5. Champion Advocates is about Passion, Talent and Love

You have identified that they have a passion for their network, and you have discovered their talent. Now you will learn that also really love your brand.

If your Hotel really understand the great value here, then you have found one of Social Networkings Goldmines. When they initiate the word (world) of mouth process for your Hotel you better be prepared.

SuperBowl is once a year, and advertisement there reach a very large audience. Plus these advertisements experience the water-cooler effect for days after the SuperBowl.

What if your Champion Advocates could provide the same experience for your Hotel on a regular basis?

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