7 Social Media Trends What Channels Are People Focusing On

7 Social Media Trends: What Channels Are People Focusing On

Social Media Marketing changes year after year. New tactics evolve that help marketing managers promote their businesses while old methods die hard with changes in search engine optimization and consumer trends.

2015 is no different. Business owners who branch out and explore more than just the two most popular social media channels and can successfully streamline a coherent message with quality content will experience heavy revenue increases.

The following seven social media channels will be widely popular during 2015:


With over 900 million estimated monthly visitors, Facebook should always be in your social media arsenal, especially if you specialize in business to consumer products or services.

Some businesses argue that, because of Facebook’s sheer size and ever since the company went public, the advertising placement has been optimized to generate as much revenue for the company as possible, making it more difficult for smaller businesses to run paid-click campaigns on the network. As a business owner, you can still use Facebook without having to pay thousands of dollars a month for their advertising.

Use Facebook to target specific demographics and geographic locations. You can save money by narrowing your niche and buying ad space on news feeds instead of randomly placing ads all over the place.


Sharing quality content is essential, and Twitter is the perfect tool for doing this.

This social media network is popular among social media management professionals because every tweet that is created can show up search engine results. It acts as a tool that can boost both your consumer base with great tweets and your search engine optimization by promoting relevant hash tags.

It is best to remember that, when using Twitter, you must promote content that engages your audience and not just blast everyone with an advertisement for your website every ten minutes.


Instagram is a unique sharing app. It allows users to instantly post pictures from their smartphones and share with their friends. People use Instagram to express themselves through pictures, and businesses should participate in this as well.

Brands that post unique photos that relate to their business will see a spike in user interaction. When you decide to use Instagram, a lot of time must be spent on choosing the right picture, typing the right caption, and modifying it, if necessary.


Social media management teams must focus on LinkedIn profiles to attract new customers, especially if those customers are businesses.

You can promote your business through LinkedIn by posting blog entries onto your profile and building an audience by sending invites to people for new connections. If you plan on selling to other businesses, LinkedIn is a great platform to run free PR and subtle advertising campaigns to those who have connected with you.

The content you post on LinkedIn will have a slightly more mature sound than other social media channels.

Google Plus

Web designers know that Google Plus has been used as a search engine result booster for years. What web designers don’t know, however, is how they can boost their search result by simply inviting more people to join their circle of followers.

Google Plus features basic information about individuals and businesses who have profiles on the network. You can search for and invite people to join your circle, and create posts and upload photos to help make the profile look more interesting.


Pinterest is widely popular among business owners because the website strictly promotes photo sharing. Consumers also love to express themselves by posting pictures from foreign and interesting places, and snapping shots of their artwork to upload in the future.

Artwork, photos and creativity are all alive with Pinterest. Because of it’s attractive layout, studies show that people tend to make impulse buying decisions, especially when the company they are looking at is and eCommerce website.


While Meetup has been around for a long time, consumers haven’t really been using this social media channel until recently.

Meetup is all about setting up regular meetings between people who have similar interests. In many cases, businesses can offer to sponsor a meeting as a way to promote themselves or sponsor a whole new group.

When you create a group on Meetup, similar to one for a web designer, you have the chance of subtly promoting your brand to dozens of potential buyers at once. As with Facebook and Twitter, your messages must not be forceful.

When you join Meetup, you’ll need to create a page for yourself and then a page for your business. Your strategy will depend on how you want to market your company and to what consumer base you want to market to. Remember, it’s all about creating a powerful profile with a great message.

When building your online social media campaign, always streamline your message through every single outlet you use. If you venture out from the original plans, your message will become lost on potential customers.

If you have any type of trouble with creating social media profiles or writing content to promote among your customers, always ask a web designer or social media expert to help you. He or she will have extensive experience on what types of profiles look great and garner the most results

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