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Building Brand Equity

I chose my friends from The Ritz-Carlton. If you want to learn how to build brand equity on Twitter make sure you check in with my friends @RitzCarlton

Now here is an amenity I would loved to have next time I check in at a The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Haiku

Define And Refine,
The Customer Is Never Wrong,
The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Ritz-Carlton build Brand Equity by providing unique value true their Public Relationship Team. It is authentic and provide Social Goodwill that many can learn from.

My Brand Haiku for Are Morch – Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist

I build brand equity true my hospitality. And I will share your information through my Social Network channels. I listen – care and build value. My passion is to turn a Hotel or your business image around true Social Media. This can be done true coaching and workshops.

Hotel Advisor Haiku

Me Casa Su Casa,
Customer Loyalty,
values of Social Goodwill