Hotel Touch Point Services

Traditionally Hotels manage their Touch Points in different areas such as marketing, distribution, communication, customer service, public relations, investor relations or human resources.

With Social Media you add Networking, Listen, Predict, Engage and Convert.

Touch Points is the opportunities created by the Hotel to engage with guests and ensure they have an EXCELLENT Hotel Experience.

Gone are the days where Hotels could spend million of dollars on traditional Touch Points, and trust that customers would take your word for it. Social Media has made customers part of your Hotel Brand. People today are more informed, and information good or bad about your Hotel is more accessible then it ever have been before.

There is abundance of review sites on the web today, and customers read and share reviews with their network before they make an educated booking decision today.

With more customer involvement and engagement your Hotel need to be educated on how to build positive brand equity. Social Media is the beginning of the end of bad branding. Bad branding will be revealed and scrutinized by savvy Social Networks.

Start Building Relationships

Customers of today will do business with Hotels they know, like and trust.

Start respond to all information that provide a positive message about your brand, and all information that raise concerns about your brand.

This might be new territory for many Hotel Brand. But willingness to take the risk responding to concerns is what make your Hotel stand out. It will require ongoing training to ensure responses is in accordance with Social Media Guidelines and Social Media Strategies.

Bring Champion Advocates onboard

Start identifying your new Champion Brand Advocates. Your Champion Advocates can be outside or within the brand.

The Roger Smith Hotel did recognize this early on.

They experienced the Word (World) Of Mouth effect from this. Social Networkers and bloggers posted links or articles about their Hotel. Brian Simpson and Adam Wallace was pioneers in their field.

Both has been profiled on several Social Media Events like; Enterprise Social 2.0 in Amsterdam, World Hotels Conference in Prague and Dallas, 140conf LA at the Kodak Theater, South By South West in Austin, Eye for Travel Online Marketing Strategies and more. And they been recognized on Social Media Websites like; eConsultancy, Huffington Post, The Hopkinson Report (WIRED) and Mashable. Brian Simpson is today the Director of Digital Media at Vikram Chatwal Hotels.

Four Seasons did in their well designed Twitter campaign bring onboard Champion Advocates from the outside. This resulted in that their network willingly shared their information, and Four Season became a Twitter trend.

Make It Simple

For Hotels to experience the Word (World) Of Mouth effect you have to make the Touch Points simple and easy to share.

  • Make Social Buttons easy accessible on your Hotels Website
  • Use Social Buttons in your email signature
  • Provide a PDF documents describing your Hotels Products and Services
  • Create a Social Network Hub in your Lobby
  • Arrange Social Media Events in your restaurant or bar
  • Use Twitter #hashtags to promote special events
  • Invite Champion Advocates to your LinkedIn Group, Facebook Group or Google+ Business Circle, and invite them to participate on your Twitter #hashtag events
  • Social Proof Amenities – add your Facebook Fan Page on Key Card and Comment Cards
  • Add all Hotel Social Networks in the in room Information booklet
  • Use Facebook Fan Page contest for acquiring new leads
  • Have a Social Media Host that welcome guests that check in Location Based Services

Convert into Bookings

Adding new value to Touch Point services through Social Media is all fine, but in the end of the day we also have to look at RevPar, ADR and Occupancy.

It is correct that Direct Sales is a turn off when it comes to Social Media. As we started out with customers today has become more savvy, and have new ways to make sure their needs and wants are meet.

Implement Touch Points strategies into your Social Media Strategy;

  • Build Your Network
  • Create New Social Media Touch Point Services
  • Educate yourself about prospect/peers/network
  • Fine tuning

Here you need to apply Reputation Management Strategies that include Listening Outposts or a RMC (Reputation Management Circle).

What type of Social Media Touch Points has your Hotel applied successfully?

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