Hotel LinkedIn Brand Presence

Research has shown that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. Nearly 80% of LinkedIn members wants to connect with companies in their life.

Brands that include and involve employees via LinkedIn is 70% more likely to have employees engage with their content.

How To Build a Hotel LinkedIn Brand Presence That Drives Business Results?

LinkedIn is professional Social Network that value collaboration and networking among trusted friends and colleagues. Build trust and be trustworthy, this is what leads into your network liking, sharing and commenting on your content.

Every time someone in your network shares yours content this is a quality sign that your Hotels should recognize. Let these Hotel Brand Advocates know that you are thankful for them sharing your content. Often this where the Word Of Mouth starts out. Studies have shown that content shared by your network is 30% more likely to attract non-followers of your brand.

This is your opportunity to reach out and ask how you can help.

Moving the Hotel LinkedIn Collaboration Grid

Many Hotels still feel their Social Networking effects on LinkedIn is on the left side of the grid. So the question is how Hotels move the grid over to the right side?

Hotels have to start applying strategies that include involvement and empowerment. This is what will make your Hotel able to move to High Impact – Easy to do.

High Impact – Easy to do

Ask your employees to share your Hotels content

Involving and empowering your employees is one of the most effective LinkedIn Strategies to start grow your network. Be creative and showcase their profile on your Hotels LinkedIn Company page. Recognize your LinkedIn Employee of the week.

Share Insider Tips

Share insider Hotel Tips that will help your guest enhance their experience. Showcase a list of Top 10 Hotel Amenities guests would like to see in their room. And ask your guest what would they like to see in their room on the next visit at your Hotel.

Invite Your Customers to recommend Your Products & Service

Have you added your Hotel to Company Pages yet? If not then you are missing out in a golden opportunity. Here you need to add your Products.

Identify Brand Advocates among your customers, and then ask them to recommend your products. This info will then be shared through their network.

Join the Hotel Social Media Collaboration group on LinkedIn to learn more tips here.

Collaboration and Networking are the keys to engaging with your customers.

Go Visual

Provide interesting presentation either through video or slide presentations. Remember you are reaching out to the professional business travelers. So be creative with your presentations. Research has shown that video and slide presentation can generate up to twice the action through likes, shares, and comments.

Serve Your Guest

One of the best ways to serve your guests wants and needs through LinkedIn is to start to ask them. Ask about hotel trends, new upcoming products, challenges and upcoming events. Question and polls will engage your customers in very effective ways.


Listing to how your customers engage on LinkedIn is really crucial to your Hotels success.

LinkedIn Connection is one of the most effective ways to listen in to the conversations with your Network. This allows you to identify new connections, and send them a welcome note. It also allows you to identify the most recent engagements. LinkedIn Connection also sends you valuable tidbits like job changes, anniversaries etc.

Connect LinkedIn with your Hotel Website

Most of the customer conversion happens on your Hotels website. Put strategic Networking links on your website to create better Social Networking visibility for your customers.

The Recommend Plugin allows showcasing your products on your Hotel website that you added to your LinkedIn Company Page.

The Share Plugin invites your customer to share your Hotels website with their LinkedIn Network.

Your Hotels LinkedIn Brand Presence require good Reputation Management Strategies.

What have your Hotels done on LinkedIn that turned into better business results?

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