My friends at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and RateTiger researched the impact that channel management has on the sales environment and how hoteliers are managing the new distribution landscape.

How Distribution Channels has evolved over the years

GDS – Global Distribution System
OTA – Online Travel Agents
CRS – Central Reservation Systems

In the past CRS / Voice has been one of the primary distribution channels. The emotional value of having a real person to help you make an educated booking decision has always ranked high among customers.

Most of the concerns are related to the large share of bookings going through OTAs. This due to that OTAs take commission rates between 5 – 33%.

This has again lead to some Hotels is working to identify the best OTAs and collaborate with them for better Revenue Management.

The research point out some of the Key indicators that keep Hotel Managers awake;

  • Revenue & Occupancy
  • Control cost of distribution/e-business
  • Increased exposure

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Social Media as a Distribution Channel

Social Media and New Media have over the last couple of years evolved as a new Distribution Channels for many Industries.

The reports indicate that Hotels has been slow to adapt or some case still is on the fence when it comes to Social Media and New Media in general.

And the reason for this is the limited understanding how this can optimize distribution or how to make an effective use of it.

Some Hotels also point out the challenges with track and measure the data.

What are some of the future challenges for Hotels?

  • More direct sales
  • More contracts
  • Less distribution costs
  • Better Revenue

And one of the key challenges for the future is to decrease costs of distribution while raising rates and occupancy.

We are starting to see signs that Hotels is increasing their rates due to demands in the market.

And the report indicates awareness for Future Distribution Channels;

Hotel Managers are indicating the need for more Social Media and New Media Marketing.


Now there is now doubt that Social Media and New Media will make an impact on the Hotel Industry. But there is a disconnect on how this add value to the Hotel Industry.

As the report indicate Social Media and New Media is not among the challenges that keep Hotel Managers awake during night.

Obliviously the answer is not push through any hyped Social Media Campaigns. There has to be a connection between that there is an understanding of how the Hotel Industry works, and how Social Media/New Media can address future challenges.

And the opportunities lay in proper training and education that specially designed and customized for the Hotel Family.

I will take part in a project that launch the Hotel Social Media Education Campaign.

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