Hotel apps on the rise

Hotel apps are on the rise

Thanks to technology, the world has become a lot smaller. Social media, email, and things like video conferencing make it easy to communicate with anyone – anywhere in the world. People are also traveling a lot more frequently because it’s cheaper than ever, faster, and very convenient.

Technology has become a pervasive aspect of everyday life. Look almost anywhere and there will be someone on a mobile device – laptops, smartphones, and tablets have become the norm. It seems that everyone is connected and there’s an app for everything. And that’s precisely why hotel apps are on the rise.

Although many hotels may seem like a home away from home for many, they are still businesses and businesses know that mobile communications play an integral role in their bottom line. What is known as ‘application culture’ is not going anywhere, and in order to be competitive, hotels must not only have an online presence, but also show up in the App Store. Remember, today’s mobile phones aren’t just phones – they are productivity tools that help people communicate, work, shop, and yes – book travel.

In general, people are relying less on travel agents and booking their own travel, in part because the Internet has made it so easy to do so. This is not limited to booking airline tickets and rental cars, but also hotel reservations. In response, there has been a surge of apps aiming to meet the needs of those booking accommodations – from last-minute travel deals to simply booking at their favorite boutique hotel. Both large hotel chains and smaller bed-and-breakfast types are developing their own apps in order to increase business – and it’s working.

Who’s developing these apps?

Many larger hotel chains and travel agencies have their own web development teams, which are skilled in designing and executing reservation and booking apps. However, integrating mobile accessibility is extremely challenging, so many turn to technology services companies, such as Worry Free mobile design, for their app-creation needs. The recent boom in app technology has also made it easy to find such a company, as they have been popping up all over the place.

A good technology services company can provide solutions for widespread deployments of mobile integration for highly established companies just as easily as for a startup. The key is to work closely with the company to design and develop a custom mobile and web-based solution that meets the needs of the hotel.

Why the hotel app is so good

The reason that most companies develop an app is to make things easier on their customers, and hoteliers are no different. A good hotel app will make the entire booking process a lot easier and quicker – something that most people today are looking for. No one wants to spend a long time making a reservation. Hotel apps can also help travelers find alternate accommodations when traveling unexpectedly or when needing a pit stop on a long road trip. In essence, an app can make a hotel much more accessible to potential guests.

Hotel apps are becoming increasingly popular, which means that the public will be seeing a lot of changes in the near future to make them more competitive. They may even become the default way of booking a room for many travelers! Some of the current apps offer special discounts through the app, which are not available when booking through other means. This is a sleek and modern way to get a good deal and book a room with just a few taps of the screen.

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Written by freelance writer Cheryl.

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