Hotel Social Networking Outsourced

Outsourcing is the practice of contracting your Hotels service to an external provider.

Outsourcing has for many small businesses become a great alternative to free up some of their time and effort related to tasks or services they might not have the resources to handle themselves.

Should Hotels on a Shoestring Budget outsource Social Networking?


If you consider outsourcing Social Networking tasks or services, then it is important that you lay out a foundation that protect your Hotels integrity.

You need to do the proper groundwork.

In this process it is important to involve your employees. Get ideas and input from them.

This will also help you identify Social Networking activity and Social Media skills that already exists at the Hotel.


With outsourcing it is important to focus on pillars that you found in your foundation.

You know what your teams Social Media strength and weaknesses are.

Which pillars will be most cost effective to outsource?

Getting the expected results will not happen if you outsource all at once without any plan to it. Your foundation will bring up questions that need to be answered.

Outsourcing pillars is an effective way to learn if the provider deliver in accordance with the Hotels wants and needs.


With Social Media you need to move your Hotels from reaction mode to response mode.

Reaction mode is about follow up on concerns and provide customer service through your Social Networking Channels. This will be very tedious and time consuming, and will not meet expected goals related to cost efficiency.

Response mode is about relationship building and engaging with your Hotel network and peers. You are now serving your consumers.

Response mode will also require work. But you will now focus on building relationship and engage with champion advocates for your Hotel. They will assist you in responding to concerns.

Tasks and Services

Which tasks and services should be outsourced?

Tweets, Facebook messages, LinkedIn status updates and YouTube videos need to be personalized. Some small businesses made the mistake to outsource some of these tasks.

Your consumers are very savvy, and do not underestimate them. It is better the to be in Reaction mode, then having an external provider giving improper responses.

Your foundation will give you some ideas of what you should outsource.

  • Identify which Social Networking your demographic hang out on
  • Identify Champion Advocates
  • Create Listening Outposts
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Blog Content Management
  • Optimize your Social Networks for Search Engines
  • Set up Facebook Fan Page
  • Set up LinkedIn Company Page
  • Identify new market segments with Social Media
  • Facebook Bookings
  • Smart Phone marketing
  • Location Based services
  • Setting up a local event
  • It is also ok to partner with a champion advocate to help you define your Social Media Guideline and Social Media Strategy
  • .. and more.. this is just some of the task that can be outsourced


As part of your outsourcing strategy you should make yourself and your Hotel peers receivable for new info. Your external partner should also be your mentor and coach.

Outsourcing can for some indicate a negative impact. That is why it is import to be open to receive. You might learn a thing or two that will change your Hotel in new unique ways.

Start serve your consumers in ways that will make their Hotel Experience more special then planned.

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