Hotel Social Remarketing

Hotel Social Remarketing

Social Remarketing or Retargeting is what allows Hotels to dip into customers that already show interest in their products or services.

I just had an 18 month child for visit, and her attention span was just all over the place. And it reminded me off that she is very much like your online customers today. The information and impressions comes up on them faster than the speed of lightning these days. Just like the 18 month old, once they seen something interesting 2 seconds later there is something even more interesting that got their attention.

And your customers is just like the 18 month it is often a simple but effective reminder that will grab their attention.

So the question becomes How Do Hotels grab Customers Attention?

Hotel Social Remarketing your NEW friend

Book Later Button Equation

I’m really happy you asked.

You want a simple, but yet powerful way to re-engage with your Hotel Social Network Customers.

Social fans, friends, family, likes, shares, +1, tweets, retweets, pins and comments are all powerful reference points. But very often I get feedback form Hoteliers that there is a missing link.

I have talked about it before, that Social Media is not what keeps Hoteliers awake during the night. Occupancy and revenue is among the key factors that keeps Hoteliers awake during night. But an important part of this process is apply all the elements that will create Social Networking ROI for your Hotel.

Social Networking is a great new tool that allow customers to share new and valuable information with their friends and family. The engagement element creates curiosity. But just like with the 18 month old I need to do something that builds up on this curiosity.

This is where email comes in the picture. You need a simple but effective strategy that let you get back in touch with your customers. This is your second chance, remember you had your first chance so take good care of this.

Email Booking Reminder Form

Hotel Social Remarketing the Solution

When you were in school was there times you knew then answer, but was afraid to raise the hand?

Now the answer here will come with a catch. I have a limited FREE bonus to the 50 first Hotels that raise their hand. Read on here and I will tell you more.

As many as 97% of your first time visitors is not convinced to push the Book Now Button on your Hotels website. The trick is give them an easy way to provide your Hotel with a second chance.

Book Later Button

Introducing the Book Later Button for your Hotel Social Remarketing. Today most of your Customers is already family with Social Buttons. But these buttons not designed to convert visitors into bookings.

There are various reasons visitors don’t make a decision on the first visit to your Hotels website;

  • Have to discuss with spouse, partner, family, friends, colleagues etc.
  • Compare with other Hotels in area
  • Price points
  • Uncomfortable booking via Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Want to talk to someone at the Hotel

Book Later Steps

Provide Hotel Social Remarketing in three easy steps through the Book Later process.

Step 1. Visitor Books Now, or select Book Later
Step 2. Visitor sets up email reminder with notes
Step 3. Reminder pops up in Visitors email Inbox on the scheduled date

*Hotel Social Remarketing Bonus*

It is when you start raise your hand that real action will start happen in Social Media. The 50 First Hotels that raise their hand and take action after join in on my Free News update will get a FREE Book Later Bonus valued $99.00

This Limited Special Bonus will give your Hotel 1 year licence to Book Later, 500 email reminders per month and can be used on 3 of your Hotel websites. It also includes access to the BookingCounts Web App to manage your travel remarketing campaign and the Book Later Button widget to implement on your booking web pages. It will pay for itself after getting just one more booking per year and that is only the beginning!

*NOTES* For more detailed requirements I refer to BookingCounts – Book Later Button Info & FAQ

Since this is a licensed product I will request that when you fill out the form for BookingCounts FREE License Offer that in the Field How did you hear about this offer? you put in Are Morch – Hotel Blogger. And I will also select some Hotels that sign up for follow ups, and case studies.

The form for BookingCounts FREE License Offer will be a separate link, and this will expire as soon as 50 Hotels has raised their hand. This link will be inside my newsletter only, so Hotels already subscribed will have access.

I am not affiliated with BookingCounts, this is part of my Hotel Collaboration Projects. If you are interested to learn more, please take Contact.

And YES Bed and Breafast is also eligible for this Limited Special Bonus. All lodging facilities that meet the minimum requirements are eligible. Some of the minimum requirements:

  • You must oversee a travel website that accepts bookings or run travel marketing campaigns for clients
  • You must have a Google Account for secure login (like your Gmail or AdWords login)
  • Your website must be editable as HTML web pages so you can insert the Book Later Button code snippet
  • Your travel and tourism business must have a physical address for email marketing compliance

YES! I will raise my hand to receive the FREE Book Later Bonus valued $99.00. Just fill in your email Click Submit Now and get Started Today!



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