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Jay Bear once said “The goal is not to be good at social media. The goal is to be good at business because of social media.”

Social Media is engagement in real time. The consumers is voicing their opinions more than any time before in history. Social Media has become a medium where consumers feel equal, and their values counts.

The question on most Hoteliers mind is;
“How do we capitalize on this new trend?”

Social Media has an underlying foundation of trust. It consist of several segmented parties. Some parties has open invites, and then there are various regulated parties. The main principle is that if you start selling in any of these parties you get kicked out.

The Magic Question Hotels should ask is;
“How can we add value to the Party so that everyone involved is provided with an extraordinary experience?”

Social Media is a channel for Collaboration and Networking with customers.

And it requires a different type of approach then traditional Hotel Marketing Channels.

Most Social Media Channels provide real time information exchanges.

If your Hotel wants to achieve Booking Conversions from Social Media you have to put in place Strategies that allows for this.

Social Media is continuously moving like a wheel. Therefor you have identify how you can get your wheel to rotate in the right direction.

*NOTE* Backwards is NOT a bad direction. It is worse moving forward constantly looking in the mirror.

The key to Social Business is to put in place strategies that leverage the impact of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, FourSquare and other niche specific channels.

The Hotel Social Media Strategy Wheel

Use The Hotel Social Media Strategy Wheel to learn how you can spend less time on Social Networks, and more time on observing and educate yourself. One of the most common concerns raised among Hospitality Leaders is that Social Media is time consuming.

But when put your Hotels Social Media activities into a system then this concern will be eliminated. Remember this is a moving wheel that require daily monitoring, and also regular maintenance.

When there is a concern always work on identifying the cause of the problem. One of the main purposes behind The Hotel Social Media Strategy Wheel is help your Hotel to easier identify the cause of concerns raised via Social Media Channels.

Implementing The Hotel Social Media Strategy Wheel will help you and your Hotel identifying the magic of Social Media.

The Hotel Social Media Strategy Whee

Follow some proven principles that will help your Hotel generate ROI with Social Media.

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