LinkedIn real power is in B2B Social Networking. Hotels that understand how to take advantage of the B2B Social Networking principles will generate champion leads for their Hotel.

Why should Hotels join LinkedIn?

Is it just another Social Network? or another distraction?

Here are some responses to what LinkedIn really is, and why you should join;

LinkedIn is a true door opener for all areas of the Hotel Family. This is where your Hotel truly can expand the Hotels Loyalty Program.

You can connect with the Hotel Family from your vendors, owners, management companies, hotel chain, franchise partners, joint ventures, investors, hotel associates, hotel Linkedin group , job seekers, hotel careers, consultants, hotel advisors, managers and executives, marketers, concierges, chefs, engineers, hazmat experts, inspectors, guests and more.

This illustrate some of the real power of LinkedIn, here you have a golden opportunity to start Social Networking with valuable B2B leads.

Add a compelling LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has revamped their Company Pages structure. You now have available one of the best tools to Turbo charge your company profile.

a) Go to the LinkedIn Company Page

b) Type in the name of the Company you want to search for. Default search result is shown by relevance.

c) Select company from the drop down menu, this will bring you directly to the company page selected. If you click on search you will get some more specific information about the companies related to your search term.

We can already here start to see the importance of a well designed LinkedIn company profile.

Create some magic with LinkedIn Company Page Touch Points

Most Hotels today have a basic LinkedIn Company Page. I have in my examples here used LinkedIn’s own company page to illustrate the basics, and then how to bring up a notch.

a) Basic company page

Most Hotels follow this model. Here you can already see several type of Touch Points.

  • a basic overview that describe the company
  • how many company employees that are in your network
  • new hires within the company
  • and how many company employees is on LinkedIn

*Note* – there are several other great touch points on the basic company points like Google Place info, latest tweet, latest blog post and the companies LinkedIn activity.

b) How to attract new employees to your LinkedIn Company Page

Here you see several brilliant touch points that will appeal to people that is researching for a new career with your company.

  • What it means to work for your company
  • Jobs you may be interested in
  • Get in contact with a recruiter

*Note* – other great touch points here is what employees are saying about the company, video testimonials from employees, list of employee benefits and description of the company culture.

c) Capturing your leads

LinkedIn provides an unique showcase of their products and services.

  • slideshow of products and service provided by company
  • list of product and services with social recommendations

If you click on one of the product or services listed you will get a more in-depth description.

Plus here you see that there added additional touch point video presentation of the product or service.

Adding a LinkedIn Company profile on your website or blog

LinkedIn as just recently added some new plugins that add some juice to leveraging your Company Profile.

a) Goto LinkedIn Developer Network
b) Select the Company Insider
c) Enter you company name

d) Click on Get Code and then copy and paste the code here into your website or blog.

Does your Hotel have a LinkedIn Company Page?

Now it’s your turn. Let’s network and show off what your Hotel has done.