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The time is now – the moment is now. Social Media is here.

Can Social Media Raise Staff Morale?

The answer is YES if you bring the employees on board in the process of developing a Social Media Strategy for your Hotel. Social Media is evolving and changing faster then any other tools we seen before that will help Hotels adding new values to their products and services.

This will require ongoing training for your employees.

Loyal, passionate employees brings your Hotel as much benefit as loyal, passionate customers. They stay longer, work harder, work more creatively, and find ways to go the extra mile. They bring you more great employees. And that spreads even more happiness — happiness for employees, for customers, and for Hotel Owners.

Social Media is a People to People medium that emphasis Relationship Marketing. The key here is to reach out to both employees and customers. Studies has shown that 89% employees with high level of well-being reported high job satisfaction and two-third of them reported putting in extra effort to their job.

With Social Media Reputation Management is on of the keys to measure and monitor all information about your Hotel.

Start Communicate and Collaborate with your employees on concerns. Get their viewpoint.

The most misunderstood perception about Social Media not only among Hotels, but many businesses in general is that they seems to believe it is all related to online sentiments.

It is a tool that people use to express their feelings with others in their network. And it boils down to an emotional feeling that someone actually is listening to their concerns. By the way that someone need to be your Hotel.

The service and products delivered still will have the human touch. Don’t forget that. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or YouTube can not replace the interaction between the guest and your employees that happens inside the Hotel.

Have a proper response system in place to capture both employee and customer concerns.

And add in a little Compassion. Not everyone is a born star, but if you give them the opportunity to shine they might turn out to be your next star.

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