The Magic of Hotel Reference Points

Getting the customer to book a room, and then check in to a Hotel room is one of the most basic goals for every Hotel.

Most Hotel Marketing strategies is typically addressing focused on Front-End services. But the real revenue for Hotels lays in the Back-End services. It is when the Hotel brings out the value of Hotel reference points the real magic starts.

What are some of the magic Hotel reference points that will Capture Hotel Social Media Customers For Life?

1. You have to deliver a Remarkable Hotel Experience at your Hotel Property. Sorry if I burst any expectation that Social Media will magically fix any concern your Hotel might have with occupancy. Social Media is just a tool that will help you add value to your customers experience, if you take time to learn it and use it right.

If you are awesome on Social Media, you have all your Social ducks in a row, but you still deliver terrible service at your Hotel then you have totally missed out on taking advantage of an army of ambassadors that can help you correct your concerns.

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2. Trust is the new currency with Social Media. It starts with proper Relationship Marketing Strategies. If you want your customer to trust your Hotel you have to be trustworthy.

Start Serve Your Guest, and work on give them more value at all reference points that will effect their Hotel Experience. It is crucial to empathize when a concern of any kind arise, and make sure you resolve it in a timely manner. Always follow up when there is a concern. Negative information during a Hotel Experience tend to spread faster then a positive experience. Therefor you always want to make sure to respond to concerns, and resolve them.

3. Listening to ongoing changes and needs is critical to establish a customers for life. Reputation Management is a absolute must in the New Media Age. A message today don’t just go the 10 closest friends and family members of the customer, it goes to 1000’s of their Social Network friends in matter of minutes.

Social Media is similar to when Internet got available it provided both new challenges and opportunities for Hotels. It was a learning curve for everyone, many road blocks to face, some adversities but Hotels adapted to the new way of doing business. And the scenario will be the same with Social Media.

One of the main challenges today is that it all happens in real time, and very fast.

4. Collaboration or Social Networking with your Hotel Customer is what will move your Hotel forward.

Why is Collaboration or Social Networking so important?

This is the real magic of How To Capture Hotel Social Media Customers For Life. If you understand the value of your Social Network, and start collaborate with them you are one step closer to open your doors for New Media customers.

OTA provider and some Hotel has already started to understand the real value of this. If your Hotel take time developing a solid Social Network of champion ambassadors for the Hotel, these ambassadors will take care of point 1, 2 and 3 here for you.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is all focusing their algorithms and API towards dynamic content. Basically this means that your Hotel need to focus on fresh and current content. Dynamic Content Marketing is what will make a real effect on Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR in 2013.

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