Why will Hotel Reviews matter more in 2013?

Most Hotels today care about reviews about their Hotels either want to admit or not.

Hotel Reviews has always been important for booking conversions. And up until now most reviews been based on the guest experience.

Now this will still be the case in the future. But there will be added in three new elements that will play an important role in your Hotel booking conversion as a result of reviews.

These three new elements are:

  • The Customers Network
  • Engagement
  • Sentiments

Customer Network

TripAdvisor has already understood the importance of Customer Networks.

TripAdvisor allows customers to sign in with their Facebook account. After I logged into my account I will be able to see how many in my Facebook network that has provided a review since last time I logged in.

You can also define your personal setting so your reviews will be shared with your network.

TripAdvisor has several functions that makes the reviews from my network of great value to me in my research for a great Hotel to book for my next trip. This also makes the reviews more personal for me.

The point here is that Hotel Reviews are now more accessible then ever. And it also makes the reviews more credible.

From the network aspect it provide more trust. I can rely on the information when I have more access to how often they provide reviews, and how helpful others found their reviews. I have previously mentioned the value of utilizing info from your Champion Advocates like Traveling Moms.

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Google+ Local has just made it easier to make useful reviews that you know can share with your Google+ network.

With Google+ you can either post a review from your personal profile or from your business page profile. In this example I used my personal profile.

The Engagement value here lays in the Hotel arranging events for Travelers, and allow them to connect with locals that provide Concierge info you don’t find in any tour books. Here in Tupelo, Mississippi we have several locals that is walking encyclopedia on Elvis Presley info. Who would not love to get some insight from them?

And here we touch on another clue to take advantage of for your Hotel. The Hotel Experience is no long just limited to the guest experience. Social Media has opened doors that allows consumers to share any type of experience they have with your Hotel.

My good friend Daniel Edward Craig ask in hiw new blog Reknow – Should hotel ask guest for reviews?.

To quote Jack Canfield – “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…if you dare to ask!”. So my answer to Daniel is a clear and strong YES! It is what I call the Window Of Opportunity – if you open the window then you embrace yourself to learn what is outside.


With Social Media we experience a high volume of live data. And the challenge for Hotels is measure and monitoring this data. Plus in the back end analyze this data, and learn what patterns that really converts into Hotel Bookings.

Social Media has democratized publishing of data in most countries today. This is what WEB 2.0 has been all about. Now looking into the future we want to systematize and analyze this data. Sentiments is what will help us focus on this process. One of the reasons for this that will need an automated process that can help us collect all the data.

My friends and partners at RateGain provide a great solution that allows Hotels to manage their Online Marketing Channels. And to help set up Social Media Campaign that will help identify sentiments. Beside that can use this system to measure and monitor data, RateGain also has added sentiments to their system.

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Are your Hotel Ready for 2013?

Start Serve your customers where it matters. This is what will bring back new life to Hotel Family in the future.

Now will we face challenges and adversities? Yes!! We have to be willing to take new risks, and open more Windows Of Opportunities.

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